Game Bombs Jay-Z, Kreayshawn, Amber Rose & More, “Little White B*tch Better Stay In Your Place” [Audio]

Game Bombs Jay-Z, Kreayshawn, Amber Rose & More, “Little White B*tch Better Stay In Your Place” [Audio]

West Coast rapper Game is back with a vengeance, as heard on his new “Uncle Otis” record going after high profile celebrities including Jay-Z, Kanye West, Amber Rose and music newcomer Kreayshawn.

Referring to Jay-Z as Otis, Game wastes no time in taunting the 41-year-old’s age.

“Here’s a dome shot to this n*gga named Otis,” Game raps. “N*ggas think they the coldest/But n*gga you just the oldest/N*ggas be chasing their youth, but it’s gone/This n*gga didn’t even want to put you on/He turned around, put on Sean/But forgot to tell him Beni Han-han/Don’t sell no f*ckin wontons — If you invented swag, then I invented gangsta/Got one in the chain, but your throat is now in danger/And I don’t wear no Gucci Gucci Fendi Fendi Prada/I’m charged in Louis Vuitton, you n*ggas/Ain’t saying nada/Lil white b*tch, better say in your place/You call me a n*gga, I’mma put the K in your face” (“Uncle Otis”)

Game also uses the song to ridicule Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s intimate relationship.

“Yesterday I went to/Coachella, not to see Jigga/I went to see Wiz dance with Amber: perfect/I took a seat on the red futon/Hit it with that weird sh*t on – whatever/So put that p*ssy on my face/And let me taste a little taste/I’mma eat it up like it’s my last/I’mma do it different sh*t, getting no cash/You know why? I’m not a star/Somebody lied, I got a chopper in the car/That ain’t a lie..” (“Uncle Otis”)

Despite the shots, Game has already downplayed his lyrical onslaught.

“It’s poking jokes and taking shots, but that’s what I do,” Game said. “I’m just shooting in the dark, when I turn on the lights if a couple of motherf*ckers is down, I got to get up out of there. Anybody that takes it personal, they really shouldn’t but if you do, we can go there.” (XXL Mag)

Last summer, Game credited producer/rapper Pharrell for encouraging him to lay off dissing Jay-Z on records.

“Pharrell man, Pharrell pulled me to the side and he was like, ‘There’s only one thing that can’t happen,’ he said, ‘you gotta stop those shots at Hov. Like, that’s my man and I talk to him and he really don’t understand your gripe with him, he don’t have no problems with you, and I think he respects what you do and I know for a fact that you respect what he does so, you know, nip that.’ And I was like, aight, that’s fair. All’s fair, that’s it.” (Power 105.1)

In 2009, game dropped his anti-Jay record “I’m So Wavy” going at Hov.

“N*ggas pop tags, I pop the 4-5,” Game raps. “N*ggas got swag, I got the tech nine…Yeah, you got cheese and I kill rats/Translation, I still trap/Now do something with that, or respond to this/And with those big a** lips, you got my name in your mouth I hope it taste like uhhh, no homo, one more time/uhhh, that’s your promo/And I been hard to the core since I went solo/Only man on my horse like my all black polo…Got the camel in a choke hold/Tryin’ to son me, I’m not from N-Y-C/You can’t even have a child by your Destiny/And I ain’t mean to take a shot at B, I blacked out like you did Free.” (“I’m So Wavy”)

Check out “Uncle Otis” below:

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