Game Bets Lil Kim Could Lyrically Destroy Nicki Minaj [Video]

Game Bets Lil Kim Could Lyrically Destroy Nicki Minaj [Video]

West Coast rapper Game has weighed in on the recent Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj dispute and said he believed the rap veteran could out-battle Young Money‘s first lady.

Aside from lyricism, Game said both emcees could evenly match-up in a physical altercation.

“Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, they looking like Game and 50 right now,” he said in an interview with radio personality Ricky Padilla referring to his past issues with 50 Cent. “With the knuckle game, I’ve seen pictures of Nicki Minaj, I seen video of her when she rocked the hoodie and the skully and she was kinda low-key looking like a dude, I don’t know, she might have a little something. And then, Lil Kim went to the pen so she’s probably a little gully with the knuckles. Lyrically, I gotta go with Lil Kim. Yeah, hands down. Lyrically.” (102 Jamz)

New York rapper Jadakiss recently shared his thoughts on the beef.

“I think it’s kinda corny,” Jada told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. “I can’t knock Kim for saying whatever she wants to say about Nicki but you could have been said it. That’s the only thing I feel. Don’t wait until she gets scorching hot to try to go at her. She’s been copying her since she came in with the big crotch photos shoots so if you want to just say something, you had to [say something] when she came out. It looks kinda corny like she’s trying to get a little, you know what I mean, looks like she’s trying to reap some benefits. She’s the Queen Bee, that’s hands down, I think she’s just paying homage, if you follow Nicki, she’s got a little Kim in her, she’s got a little bit of everybody” (“Jenny Boom Boom TV”)

Ja Rule believes both artists should squash their beef and work together.

“I think it’s silly for Nicki and Kim to be arguing. I think they could be making hot records together because it’s obvious that Nicki likes Kim, she did the same pose, like, that pose is so obvious Kim. Nobody can mistake that for being you, that can only be said as paying homage. It’s not like she tried to steal that from you. It can’t, that was your sh*t.” (Vlad TV)

Kim has accused Minaj of subliminally firing shots at her on numerous occasions.

“For the last year, she’s been subliminally taking shots at me, subliminally taking shots at the other girls in the industry and I mean come on, we read that interview where she said ‘Oh, being that the other rap chicks in the game ain’t got sh*t to do right now, when I’m by the pool, they can feed me grapes,’ I remember that sh*t,” Kim said in an interview. “I keep my ears to the street at all times. Just because I do my Hollywood thing and my Malibu Barbie thing don’t mean my ears ain’t to the streets at all times. The last thing she did that was very subliminal, ‘Oh, did I kill the Queen?’ and Puffy is sitting right next to her vibing with that bullsh*t. Come on, we ain’t stupid. Let’s go all the way back, when she started doing all my songs over. There were certain interviews she was doing and my fans were getting upset, because she was busting shots at me, actually she was throwing pebbles — it’s obvious I’m who she wants to be, it’s obvious that she likes me and wants to be like me but she’s not paying the homage. It’s obvious that she likes my music and that she’s trying to mimic what I’m doing, she’s subliminally busting shots.” (This Is 50)

Check out Game briefly speaking on Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim below:

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