Game Begs For Mercy, “50 Cent, Let’s Get This Sh*t Movin, G-G-G-G”

Game Begs For Mercy, “50 Cent, Let’s Get This Sh*t Movin, G-G-G-G”

Former G-Unit member Game has extended an olive branch to 50 Cent in hopes of finally putting their differences aside and reuniting.

Writing in a long series of tweets, Game pleaded with Fif to pick up a phone and contact him.

“@50cent Aye n*gga, get on twitter & let’s get this sh*t movin !!! G-G-G-G- well, you know the rest. @50cent All it take is “ONE PHONE CALL” ! U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY ! #UknowUcdisN*GGA. Anybody don’t like it, F*CK YALL !!! Out wit the EGO’S… we were once DOMINANT !!! It’s TIME “CURTIS” !!! Yo call n*gga. #GAMErecognizeGAME. Naw, Im not drunk. IM SOBER AS F**K holla’n @ a nigga str8 up. If it never happen, SO WHAT !!! But let it b known I extended an olive branch. @50cent CALL ME N*GGA & LET’S HOLLA. RE-UNION or NO RE-UNION, a conversation couldn’t kill a fly !!! #GGGGGGG-UNIT! I don’t NEED @50cent ! & he don’t NEED @thegame ! I just see fans of both caught n the middle of our “BEEF” so I spoke on how I felt. SIMPLE.” (Rap Radar)

Game also said his request was legitimate and admitted to having a big ego in the past.

“everybody got different opinions. its fuck @50cent over here & fuck @thegame over there, But TRUTH IS.. Yall was f#ckin wit BOTH US @ 1 TIME. LOOK: I know BUCK, he aint gone reach but he’ll RIDE WIT ME !!! me & CURTIS EGO’s was 2 BIG & yall got caught up n the process. #shithappens. Call me bi-polar, call me a fake blood… call my lyrics trash, I’ll TAKE IT, It dont mean SH*T. If that’s how u feel say it “I LOVE IT” !!! I RESPECT MY HATERS JUST AS MUCH AS MY FANS. Y’all BOTH give the same amount of ENERGY into a n*gga. THANK YOU. CHECK IT: If the nigga @50cent reaches out or not, sumn BIG was accomplished here today ! Opinions were re-shaped & we connected thru music.” (Rap Radar)

Following the tweets, 50 hopped on Twitter to respond.

“whos is he talking about?,” 50 tweeted.

“what are you guys talking about i dont talk to game i have had no communication whit him in years.” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Last month, G-Unit member Lloyd Banks analyzed Game’s past requests to join his old camp.

“I mean, G-Unit is in tact,” Banks told DJ Vlad in an interview after being asked about a reunion. “At the end of the day, man, Game, he knows. He knows the history the same way we do. We all know what was said, the actions that were took. Some things you don’g get passed, you know what I’m saying? At this point on, I’m really not concerned with it. I’m just pushing what Banks gotta do, getting my brand going. I mean, if everything’s gravy, you wouldn’t hear those possibilities come up. If everything was going on, and platinum albums and selling them on their own and all that sh*t, the last thing you would hear is a peace treaty…It’s only so long you can stand off the hype of somebody else. That’s like the whole thing when everybody was saying G-Unit this, G-Unit that, G-Unit ain’t relevant. How the f*ck does somebody tell you that. You’re not supposed to hear that. If you heard that I’m not relevant, that means I’m well, live, relevant. They’re talking about me…” (Vlad TV)

In March 2005, Game was kicked out of G-Unit by 50 Cent due to internal conflicts.

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