Game Approached Nas For Collabo Album, “I Talked To Him About It Before”

Game Approached Nas For Collabo Album, “I Talked To Him About It Before”

West Coat rapper Game recently revealed his desire to work on a collaboration album with rap veteran Nas.

Game claims he has already expressed his interest to Nas.

“N*gga, I’m ready. Like Nas is my n*gga,” Game said in an interview. “If he’s ready, then I’m ready. If we stayed in the studios for 7 days, didn’t go home, and it had like a shower, and a kitchen in that motherf*cker, seven days we would have an album. And that might see the light of day, because I talked to Nas about it before. I mean maybe. Maybe that will happen.” (Hip Hop Game)

Around the promotion of Nas’ Hip-Hop Is Dead album, the rapper praised a track he recorded with Game.

“It’s totally a blessing, man,” he said late last week in New York. “We’re gonna stomp them, man. I think a few people gonna ride with me. Everywhere I go, they’re talking about [the album]. It’s gonna be crazy. It’s another level straight up. We got a crazy joint. I was thinking about just putting that out as a single. That’s how crazy it is.” (MTV)

On Game’s new “Infared” song, he promised to never beef with Nas.

roduced By: Cool & Dre Complex says: The Compton rapper’s forays into name-dropping have recently been hit or miss, but over Cool & Dre’s 70s funk-jazz-influenced instrumental, the album’s intro is a major hit. Game drops attention-grabbing lines (“Will I ever go at Nas? Hell nah! / Will I ever go at Jay-Z? I don’t know”) and doesn’t waste a second spewing his fully automatic braggadocio. It’s an instant head-nodding banger for a kickoff. (Complex)

Nas recently put together his new Damian Marley collaboration album, Distant Relatives.

“Reggae and hip-hop are cousins,” he said in an interview. “Go back before the ’90s and think about the music that was playing on the ghetto blasters and you’ll hear it…The whole world is like family, split up all over the place. It’s overdue, and I want to help build whatever we can [in Africa]. I’ve worked with a lot of reggae artists, like Sizzla and Supercat, but not until [2005’s] Jamrockdid I get a chance to work with Damian. I love his music and I’m a big fan of Bob Marley and the whole family. We haven’t worked out any tour dates yet. But I’m sure Damian and I will do something soon.” (Miami Herald)

Check out a recent Nas interview below:

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