Game Addresses Paying $50K Over Blood Brawl, “I’m Dishing Cheese Like Going Broke Is The Sh*t!”

Game Addresses Paying $50K Over Blood Brawl, “I’m Dishing Cheese Like Going Broke Is The Sh*t!”

West Coast rapper Game has stepped forward to address recently engaging a 2008 brawl with his cousin at a family funeral, which ultimately cost him over $50,000 in damages.

Admitting the pay-out is nothing major, Game said he did not understand his cousin Robert Kirkwood‘s issues with him.

“To lose $50 grand ain’t nothing to a n*gga you know what I’m saying man,” Game explained in an interview. “I used to sleep in the back of a f*cking car man, so I ain’t trippin’, I was never even supposed to have any of this. I’m just blessed. By the grace of God I’ve been able to have longevity. Haters, n*ggas wanna see me fall and sue me, more power to you. I done did it all, I had Aston Martins, Lamborghini’s, n*gga I got a Porsche outside right now. Benz’s, houses, man. Sh*t man, I’m up to $70 grand-a-month, gases prices are going up, my kids shoe size’s is growing. [My son] Harlem is big as sh*t, he’s playing basketball, going to camps, I’m dishing out cheese like going broke is the sh*t!” (All Hip Hop)

Details of the settlement hit the Internet in early January.

The Game just lost BIG in his ongoing family feud — an L.A. judge ordered the rapper to cough up over $50,000 … for allegedly beating the crap out of his cousin, Robert Kirkwood, at a funeral two years ago. The official judgment was entered a few months ago in L.A. County Superior Court, ordering Game — real name Jayceon Taylor — to pay up $50,580 for Kirkwood’s medical expenses and other damages. According to Kirkwood’s attorney, The Game hasn’t paid anything yet. (TMZ)

In August 2009, Game was sued by his cousin over their physical 2008 brawl.

Robert Kirkwood just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming the The Game and four others assaulted him at his sister’s funeral in July of ’08. The suit says the throwdown started when Robert confronted The Game because the rich rapper wouldn’t pay for a part of the funeral costs. Robert says he suffered “severe and permanent injuries” during the alleged fight. Robert is suing The Game — along with the four other people he claims took part in the fight — for medical expenses, loss of income and general damages. (TMZ)

Following the actual incident, Game gave his side of the story.

“Two days prior to this funeral, my cousin Kirky, he’s already got his Crip homies at the funeral,” Game said in an interview. “He called my brother Fase and asked him would he jump in if him and his homies jumped me at the funeral…He’s already plotting on me. When I get there, I’m thinking the funeral and the death of his sister would calm all that. When I see him, I shake his hand, I go sit down and tell him I love him…Mo money, mo problems. Now, my family is my worst enemy. I hate them more than I hate 50 Cent man.” (98.3 Jams)

Check out some past Game footage down below:

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