Game Addresses Engagement Fiasco: “[We’re] Not Worried About A Day Or Paperwork Or A Ring”

Game Addresses Engagement Fiasco: “[We’re] Not Worried About A Day Or Paperwork Or A Ring”

West Coast rapper Game has finally opened up on stealing headlines this summer with reports of his on-again, off-again wedding plans and where he stands with longtime girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge.

According to the Black Wall Street leader, they are taking their relationship day-by-day and have not penciled in a new wedding date.

“The engagement, as of right now, you know what? We’re just working on us,” he told us from the Northridge, California, set of the music video shoot for “Celebration” (featuring Lil Wayne, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown). “We’re working on the family aspect, working on getting stronger as friends and trying to build a foundation and not so worried about a day or paperwork or a ring or food or flowers. [We’re] just working on us, because that’s the thing about it — with relationships, not even marriage — both people, everything has to be weighed evenly, or it’s not going to work, so we’ve got work to do.” (MTV)

A few weeks ago, he revealed rescheduling the nixed wedding cost him around $100,000.

The Game is psyched his wedding is back on … but his wallet, not so much … the rapper tells TMZ rescheduling his cancelled nuptials set him back a cool $100k!!!!! We caught up with Game and his fiancĂ© Tiffney Cambridge outside Hennessey’s Tavern in Hermosa Beach this weekend … if you recall Cambridge pulled the plug? on the couple’s wedding back in July, but then changed her mind. In the video … Game — still sporting a broken thumb? — says they DID reschedule the ceremony, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Game says all the venue changes cost a whopping $100k … but you gotta check out his reaction to the setback … ’cause it’s PRICELESS. (TMZ)

In late July, rumors of Game’s wedding being back on surfaced online.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotion — TMZ has learned, The Game’s wedding is BACK ON … despite being canceled just last week. As we reported, Game’s fiancee Tiffney Cambridge pulled the plug on the wedding last Thursday — and the rapper said it was all his fault, tweeting, “The rumors are TRUE. The wedding is OFF. It’s not her fault, it’s mine! She’s a GREAT woman.” But now, we’re told the couple is giving things another shot and has decided to resume their wedding plans. According to sources, the new wedding date is in August. As for the reality show that was supposed to cover the nuptials — we’re told that’s back on too. (TMZ)

A week prior, he took direct aim at bloggers and media outlets over fueling wedding gossip.

“Just in case you blogs think I cancelled wedding on some kool sh*t.. I didn’t.. She did cuz of my web of lies, cheating & lack of presence.,” he tweeted Friday.

“Next person in entertainment to say or write some sideways sh*t about the mother of my two younger children… I’m just gone pay the lawsuit” (Game’s Twitter)

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