Game Accuses Waka Flocka Flame Protégé Of Running Scare: “[You Were] Tryna Get Up Outta There B*tch”

Game Accuses Waka Flocka Flame Protégé Of Running Scare: “[You Were] Tryna Get Up Outta There B*tch”

West Coast rapper Game is back at it with the Twitter feuds by going at Waka Flocka Flame protégé Ice Burgandy and accusing him of escaping a close encounter yesterday (August 12) in California.

Game hopped onto Twitter and blasted the fellow California rapper Sunday night.

“@IceBurgandyBSM so u aint speed off & crash into that old man sh*t & rip ya front end off tryna get up outta there b*tch ?!?!?!?,” he tweeted August 12th.

“@IceBurgandyBSM take a pic of ya truck then f*g !!!”

“@IceBurgandyBSM n tell that b*tch that was wit you… She kinda cute ! DM me the # p*ssy, unless she a d*ke, I mean she was ridin witta h*e” (Game’s Twitter)

Burgandy responded to Game’s remarks and accused him of lying.

“@thegame u back lying again!!,” he tweeted back.

“I cant tweet & drive the lame is a funny N*gga wit a vivid imagination, stop lying we can always meet on PIRU st. But u aint bout that life”

“Enough of the internet wit this guy thanks for the promo doe!!”

“That n*ggas a B*tch on PIRU quit lying, I hate a lying a** N*gga this N*gga like my h*e” (Ice Burgandy’s Twitter)

Recently, Burgandy talked about how some Twitter remarks sparked their current feud.

“I definitely wasn’t trying to get at the n*gga,” Ice told radio host EI8HT in an interview when asked how their current feud started. “First he tried to call me [after I made some general Twitter comments] — but my phone was going to voicemail, it was dead. So he called the other side, then he called my other homeboy — [he said he was gonna knock me out when he sees me.] … He can rap. [Why’s he beefing?] He’s trying to be something that he’s not. He needs to stick to rap.” (Street Diciplez Radio)

Outside of beefing, Game recently discussed his upcoming rescheduled wedding plans.

The Game is psyched his wedding is back on … but his wallet, not so much … the rapper tells TMZ rescheduling his cancelled nuptials set him back a cool $100k!!!!! We caught up with Game and his fiancé Tiffney Cambridge outside Hennessey’s Tavern in Hermosa Beach this weekend … if you recall Cambridge pulled the plug? on the couple’s wedding back in July, but then changed her mind. In the video … Game — still sporting a broken thumb? — says they DID reschedule the ceremony, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Game says all the venue changes cost a whopping $100k … but you gotta check out his reaction to the setback … ’cause it’s PRICELESS. (TMZ)

Check out Ice Burgandy speaking on Game below:

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