Game Accepts Pharrell’s ‘Most Underrated’ Title, “I Don’t Do The Things Other Rappers Do” [Video]

Game Accepts Pharrell’s ‘Most Underrated’ Title, “I Don’t Do The Things Other Rappers Do” [Video]

After previously getting named most underrated by producer Pharrell Williams last year, West Coast rapper Game has stepped forward and shed light on the title.

Although Game does not believe he is underrated, he explained why Pharrell may have tagged him as such.

“Most underrated rapper? I’ll take it if it came from Pharrell,” Game said. “The reason he probably said that is because he knows what I’m capable of. I don’t think I’m ‘underrated,’ because you can’t sell as many records as I’ve sold being underrated. I just I don’t think I get as much notoriety because I don’t do the things that other rappers do…I quit wearing chains and jewelry and sh*t. I don’t go to award [ceremonies], you don’t see me on the red carpet. I’m not off in the clubs, I don’t go to — Miami for Memorial Day and hang out with the sluts. I don’t do that. I’ve got kids and people to take care of. I’ve got things that occupy my time other than the facets of the everyday ‘rapper life’. That’s just not me.” (Hard Knock TV)

Last October, Pharrell credited Game’s trans-regional flow as one of his many underrated characteristics.

“Game is one of the most underrated emcees ini the game,” Pharrell said in an interview. “Pun intended. He is, he is. I mean the things that that kid says? [He’s a problem,] he really is man. West Coast mentality with an East Coast understanding. He’s just, he’s a quintessential emcee. I’m sorry, he’s one of the best. Just because he is, you just would never know that. But that guy, and he has like maybe 30 or 40 records right now [for The R.E.D. Album]. So he’s just picking the best 12. I mean, we worked on a huge body of work. And he has some great records from Dr. Dre, he has some dope records from Cool & Dre, he worked with [DJ Premier.]” (Hard Knock TV)

Texas rapper Slim Thug also weighed in on Pharrell’s title last year.

“I like Game. He rap his a** off but I can’t say he underrated. The n*gga sold millions of f*ckin’ records. When I look at the West Coast that’s the two muthaf*ckas I think about is Snoop and Game. So I don’t see it as underrated. I think he got a lot of success.” (XXL Mag)

A few days ago, Game named who he felt is hip-hop’s most underrated rapper.

“The most under rated rapper is no doubt @acehood !!! F*ck who don’t like it !!!,” Game tweeted September 3rd. (Game’s Twitter)

Check out Game’s interview below:

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