G-Unit’s Tony Yayo On Haters, “When I First Met Diddy W/ 50 Cent, He Said N*ggas Hate Rappers”

G-Unit’s Tony Yayo On Haters, “When I First Met Diddy W/ 50 Cent, He Said N*ggas Hate Rappers”

G-Unit’s Tony Yayo recently shared his input on the never-ending plague of haters and what knowledge hip-hop mogul Diddy dropped on him during their first encounter.

The “Talk of New York” questioned the ultimate motivation which fuels the average hater.

“Hate is the new love a lot n*ggas leave comments I would tell em bury they self but they aint got life insurance realtalk,” he tweeted August 3rd.

“For you to hate n*gga you got love something about that person why spend your time and energy lol”

“When I first met @iamdiddy with @50cent he said n*ggas hate rappers..WHY? The 3 B’s…Bank accounts Bentleys and Bitches..TRUE STORY #SK” (Tony Yayo’s Twitter)

Earlier this year, Yayo put his critics on blast with the new anthem, “Haters.”

“Haters” a song by American hip-hop artist Tony Yayo, released as the second official single from his upcoming yet-to-be-titled second studio album. The song features guest appearances fellow rappers 50 Cent, Shawty Lo and Roscoe Dash, and features production from hip-hop producer Scoop DeVille. The song was released as a digital download on March 23, 2011. (Wikipedia)

A few months ago, rap star Jay-Z credited his success for birthing haters.

“It may sound arrogant,” he says, “but I just think people can’t handle when somebody is successful. Something has gotta be wrong: you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful, it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can’t be you, it has to be some other force.” (Sky)

Outside of hater talk, Yayo recently commented on G-Unit producer Sha Money XL revealing an interest in working with former group member Game.

“I heard Sha Money [XL] say he’ll work with Game,” Yayo explained in an interview. “After all the money the n*gga’s done f*cked up, you’re going to work with this guy? But I’m a real n*gga, see, my thing is loyalty and being honest and being real. My whole situation with Game and [Young] Buck — it’s more me being mad, like ‘Why f*ck up the money?’ If we’re all in the business — why would y’all f*ck up the money? It just don’t make sense. Game, I talked to this n*gga on the phone. His album dropped , like ‘Yo, congratulations’…we wre like the motherf*cking Beatles…Sha Money’s my n*gga, but why even work with somebody that says, ‘F*ck G-Unit,’ after what we just built? Why build up a brand to destroy it?” (This Is 50 Radio)

Check out Tony Yayo’s “Haters” below:

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