G-Unit’s Paris Spits Back At Slim Da Mobster: “I Run W/ Loads Of Young N*ggaz That Have Nothing To Live For”

G-Unit’s Paris Spits Back At Slim Da Mobster: “I Run W/ Loads Of Young N*ggaz That Have Nothing To Live For”

G-Unit’s Precious Paris has lashed back at former Aftermath Records rapper Slim Da Mobster after he attached her name to a weekend Twitter feud with 50 Cent.

Along with defending her image, Paris warned Slim of the danger he could find himself in from beefing with the wrong lady.

“It be dem same lames dat press to f*cc every time their in my presence. U mad cuz I’m lyrically/musically more talented? Say DAT! #Facts,” she tweeted November 11th.

“How u got so many followers and nobody RT’n you??? (Scratches Head) That’s SUS! U too corny to “@”. I’m done!”

“I’m f*ccin flattered but I run wit trucc loads of young n*ggaz that have nothing to live for. Grandpa.”

“@SrLuisGuilherme lmaoo it’s all good baby. I think his lips are covering his eye lids.”

“Like @50cent said… “You can’t F*CC wit him…can’t even f*cc wit his B*TCH”!!!” (Precious Paris’ Twitter)

Yesterday, Slim Da Mobster went at 50 Cent and used Paris as a target.

“Its funny how a n*gga could say what ever he wants but if I say something I’m a hater …. Well good cuz I hate b*tch a** n*ggaz @50cent,” Slim tweeted Sunday.

“They paid me more to leave then they paid me to come….. Take that take that ….LOL”

“If this b*tch ain’t another Olivia …. Pretty Ugly in Paris …… pic.twitter.com/bWbbCB0l “

“That n*gga signed two trans-gender artist ……gggggggay unit ….” (Slim Da Mobster’s Twitter)

Last year, Slim said Fif’s massive fame and wealth had an effect on his music.

“50 got a lot of money, he kind of forgot what it was to make a street record. I’m not saying that to talk sh*t about him, I’m just saying that in the light of, when you get money, even [Dr.] Dre, it’s hard to talk about being broke when you’ve got money. I don’t got no hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m straight. My struggle was a few years back. Don’t expect me to rap about being broke when you’ve got money.” (Good Fella Media)

Back in March, Paris spoke on teaming up with the G-Unit team.

“It’s just G-Unit reinvented. Just bring that whole feeling back of ’02. We just want to get that same energy back. Because I just feel like there was a void, music was going a certain way. I feel like everything comes back around and I feel this is the time for 2.0. We can really shake the ground,” she said. “Yeah I mean this is my opportunity so I’m gonna go as hard as I could to make a difference and make some noise in the rap game. I guarantee you I’m not gonna sleep until that happens (smiles).” (HHNM)

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