G-Unit’s Paris On Competing W/ Lady MCs, “There’s Only One Girl In The Game” [Audio]

G-Unit’s Paris On Competing W/ Lady MCs, “There’s Only One Girl In The Game” [Audio]

Just a week after 50 Cent officially announced the induction of female rapper Paris to G-Unit, the Southside Jamaica Queens lady emcee has opened up about taking on the rap game.

Admitting she is prepared for the initial Nicki Minaj comparisons, Paris said fans will really get to see her blossom come next year.

“I’ve been working with Fif for a minute, I’ve been doing a lot of vocals for him. That’s how we actually met,” Paris told DJ Whoo Kid. “I met him as a writer. I guess he just recognized the talent and I’m naturally like him anyway I guess because I’m from Southside Jamaica Queens. … I’m signed to G-Unit and I’m ready to hold them down. Whatever I have to do. I’m ‘going’ to hold them down. … I’m not really looking at it as competition [with Nicki Minaj], because we’re like in two different lanes, actually. She went somewhere else and I’m going somewhere else [with the music] where you can really see where I’m going in 2012. So I’m not mad at her, what she’s doing, I love what she’s doing, she’s making money and I do not oppose to any female making money. There’s only one girl in the game so how can you be mad at anything? There’s room for me, there’s room for me. So, as far as comparisons, yeah, everybody’s gonna do that but if you want to compare me to somebody else, great, it’s somebody that’s making money. That’s fine.” (Radio Planet TV)

Recently, 50 detailed the similarities between himself and Paris.

“I’ve got a new artist, Paris,” Fif tells XXLMag.com. “Her tape is to come out shortly after [Big 10]. She’s been working quietly for a long time before I said I wanted to sign her. She’s from Queens, she’s from Southside. It’s easier for me… The element for me, the material I really understand. I know everybody in a part of the story she’s telling. I’ve known her [for a while]. Remember the T.O.S. song, ‘Kitty Kat’ where the girl is going ‘I need cash for my kitty cat’? That was her vocals on that track.” (XXL Mag)

Last week, the G-Unit general offiically introduced the world to his latest signing.

“I’ve got a new female artist I signed to G-Unit Records, her name is Par-is, Paris, P.$., it’s going down, you understand,” 50 said in a video. “She’s from South Jamaica Queens, flavor. Actually, she’s been around for a while. I’ve known her for quite some time. If you a G-Unit fan and you listen and you heard [‘Kitty Kat’], that was actually Paris’ performance back then. She actually came and did vocals for us on that [Terminate On Site] record but now she’s ready and you’re going to see Paris.” (50 Cent Music)

He has also hinted at making a G-Unit subdivision called Ryder Gang.

“I think that when people hear the tape, they’ll be surprised. It’ll hold ‘em over until my album comes out,” Fif adds with a confident smile. “I did over a Bobby Womack joint. But it’s further back then just doing someone else’s record that just came out. I see that so often from new artists–they follow the trend of what I did in that time period so often that it’s been exhausted. It’s a traffic jam in that area at this point.” Fans will get to hear from 50’s new subdivision of G-Unit on the project as well. “I’m introducing the new regime. Not G-Unit but Ryder Gang. You’ll hear from Paris a new female artist on the team,” 50 says of his new recruits, which also includes rapper Kidd Kidd. (VIBE)

Check out Paris’ interview below:

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