G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd Addresses Lil Wayne’s B*tch References

G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd Addresses Lil Wayne’s B*tch References

Newly signed G-Unit artist Kidd Kidd has stepped forward to address “b*tch” references by Lil Wayne on his Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape and downplayed the severity of the name-calling.

According to Kidd Kidd, the term “b*tch” is common slang in their New Orleans hometown.

“See, that’s the thing. A lot of people out of town don’t really get how New Orleans people talk. When New Orleans people talk, they talk emotionally. He wasn’t—that’s just his way of saying ‘D*mn n*gga! You still in the hood. Look what’s happening to you. You need to get from out of that’, you know what I’m saying?,” Kidd Kidd explained. “If you listen to what he’s saying, he’s like ‘Kidd Kidd! Betta watch yourself out there. You know a n*gga got love for ya, b*tch! Don’t make a n*gga come in that water for ya.’ A lot of people will hear the b*tch and all that and see that as him coming at me.” (VIBE)

Despite the outside misconception, Kidd Kidd said there is no bad blood between them.

“But it’s not a diss at all. If it was, it would’ve been a whole different situation. It’s too real with me. A person like Wayne, he knows that. I don’t think he was tryna come at me like that at all. But I know how a lot of people outside of New Orleans might take that. But shout out to him for shouting me out!” (VIBE)

Earlier this month, Kidd Kidd talked about getting shot six times in New Orleans.

“When you hear me, you hear the real New Orleans, you hear the struggle. The real struggle of New Orleans,” he said. “A lot of people that’s from New Orleans that done made it out of New Orleans never really came back to really see what’s goin’ on down there; to help out or anything. And me I’m still down there, I’m still in that struggle; I got hit six times from being in the midst of that struggle.” (Rapfix)

In May, Kidd Kidd told SOHH about the difficulty making it out of New Orleans.

“Real n*gga sh*t. It’s really no answer for “How can you make it as an artist in New Orleans” because I feel like I was blessed. I was lucky because I’ve been through so much beyond rap. I never would have thought in a million years that this would be me. To make it out of New Orleans, you have to get “out” of New Orleans because down here, there’s nothing. Especially on the music tip. There ain’t nothing down here. You already know that if you want to make it out of New Orleans, you have to be out somewhere in New York. You gotta be in Atlanta. You gotta be in Los Angeles. Something like that in order to be discovered. That’s how you’re going to get people to hear you. Nine times out of ten, the people out there in the record labels are scared to come down here. It’s wild down here.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out some recent Kidd Kidd footage below:

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