G-Unit’s 40 Glocc Arrested Over Domestic Dispute, “[I] Could Not Speak Or Breathe”

G-Unit’s 40 Glocc Arrested Over Domestic Dispute, “[I] Could Not Speak Or Breathe”

G-Unit’s 40 Glocc is making headlines this weekend after reportedly getting arrested in Las Vegas more than two months ago over a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

While the reports are just now hitting the Internet, Glocc was arrested in early October.

Rapper 40 Glocc — once signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit record label — has been arrested in Vegas after cops say he nearly choked his girlfriend to death THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY. According to the police report obtained by TMZ, 40 Glocc — real name Lawrence White — was arrested on October 3rd … after he allegedly unleashed a brutal beating on the woman. Cops say 40 Glocc accused his GF of “playing him” — so he hit her several times about the head, face, legs and rib area … and choked her to the point where she “could not speak or breathe.” In the report, the GF claims Glocc strangled her twice more before falling asleep — at which point, she snuck away and called 911. (TMZ)

Following the attack, Glocc reportedly tried to escape from the scene before getting busted by local authorities.

Police nabbed 40 as he tried to flee his home, and examining the girlfriend, they found “significant bruising to her throat, consistent with strangulation injuries,” TMZ reports. The abuse had reportedly gone on for more than a year, and the girlfriend said she feared for her life. At one point, she said, the ‘Welcome to California’ rhymer handcuffed her and locked her in his trunk. (The Boom Box)

As things remain, Glocc is still behind bars on multiple counts of domestic battery.

The woman then told police Glocc had been abusing her for more than a year … once handcuffing her and locking her in the truck of his car — but she was too afraid to go to police, fearing he would kill her. Glocc was taken to a nearby jail — where he was charged with three counts of domestic battery by strangulation and coercion with force. A rep for 40 Glocc tells us … the rapper’s team is working on his release, and they’re hopeful he’ll be a free man very soon. (San Francisco Luxury Living)

Despite the reports, Glocc has been active on his Twitter account.

“People starve for attention and won’t spare nothing making up LIES; ima be touching back down on D west coast in a few hrs! #AllLies,” Glocc tweeted December 10th. (40 Glocc’s Twitter)

Check out some recent 40 Glocc footage below:

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