G-Unit Takes Aim At Rick Ross W/ “Shooter”

G-Unit Takes Aim At Rick Ross W/ “Shooter”

50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have resorted to their early mixtape days releasing the Rick Ross diss track “I’ll Be The Shooter (Officer Ricky’s Done).”

G-Unit‘s new track places its’ focus on Ross’ past corrections officer history.

“I’ll never stop/I’m laying at your mama’s spot,” 50 raps, “Squeeze ’til the lama’s hot/And have your a** in trauma ock/I cause havoc, you come in my vicinity/Motherf*ck the police, Officer Ricky, enemy.” “I sleep with my gat, it’s us three against the industry, let’s keep it at that,” Banks raps, “N*ggas yappin’ about who dress the best…Your shady background/You’re probably with the cops/You ain’t street, you need to stop.” “‘Maybach Music,'” Yayo says, “Y’all n*ggas want trouble/I’ll run up on that CO and stab his a** in the bubble.” (Nah Right)

Ross has also leaked a snippet of his upcoming diss track reportedly called “Valley of Death.”

“Walk like a giant/Talk like a tyrant,” he raps, “Lord knows when I see this monkey I’mma be the devil/Beat him ’cause I’m clever/Beat him at whatever/You never was a G n*gga…New York unified, down South love that/When we got the shine, motherf*ckers where the love at/Real n*ggas get money, better log on/Think the game dead, imagine when your dawg gone/Imagine when it’s all gone/When you fall off, it’s only one to call on.” (You Tube)

In addition to starting a “Saturday Morning Cartoon” series based on Ross, an “Officer Ricky” profile page has been created on Fif’s ThisIs50.com displaying the rapper’s signed corrections officer documents and photos.

“I am pleased to officially inform you of your appointment to the above position of Correctional Officer Trainee, pending the completion of the background investigation, effective December 29, 1995,” a letter reads. “Your salary will be $881.29. I look forward to having you as an employee of South Florida Reception Center, and hope that our relationship will be productive, satisfying and long lasting. Sincerely, Marta Villacorta, Superintendant.” (This Is 50)

Yayo has recently been updating fans via his Twitter account of his intention on addressing Ross.

“Bout to finish up Rick Ross career tonite,” Yayo typed originally in all caps. “Just finished the Rick Roast diss track…I’m gonna expose Rick Roast being CO with his former classmate and ex co worker…Trick Daddy didn’t make this up for nothin” (Twitter)

G-Unit is known for releasing career-damaging diss tracks including the anti-Ja Rule record “Cocaine Dreams” in 2002.

Yea Ja you little Stuart Little lookin’ motherf*cker,” 50 says, “Catch you I’ll break your motherf*ckin’ neck n*gga You only weigh 110 pounds you little f*ggot I know the stylist you been f*ckin’ too n*gga I paid him $50,000. Check my album out n*gga February 11th you gonna hear him talk. You little b*tch. Tryin’ to jump off like its a promotional stunt. Seven days before your album drop huh..you little b*tch. (Sing 365)

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