G-Unit Slapped Young Buck W/ Gag Order, “N**ga Don’t Even Got No Jewelry” [Video]

G-Unit Slapped Young Buck W/ Gag Order, “N**ga Don’t Even Got No Jewelry” [Video]

G-Unit‘s Tony Yayo has explained why there is no pressure for the G-Unit to respond to ex-member Young Buck’s taunts.

Claiming a gag order was placed on Buck, the “Talk of New York” also said the ex-Unit member has fallen on financial hardship.

“Ah man, we got a gag order on that n*gga,” Yayo told hip-hop personality DJ Vlad in an interview when asked about Buck dissing the Unit. “If it ain’t about no money, n*gga don’t even got no jewelry, man, get some new jewelry and then talk about me man. You know? Everything upgraded. I’m trying to figure out what to get, the four-door Porsche or the new Jag.” (Vlad TV)

Earlier this year, Yayo once again said Buck was not worthy of a response to disses he had been making.

“Look, I told you, I’m not talking about a n*gga that has zero, nothing,” Yayo told radio host DJ Whoo Kid. “I’m good man, rest in peace to Tick man…He frustrated. N*ggas know it’s rough in the rap game right now, only the strong are surviving. Riding in nice cars, rappers are gonna have to start rapping for food soon…A n*gga can keep saying what he wanna say, but as long as those checks keep coming for me, I’m good…He’s broke, what do you want me [to say?] How you spell broke? B-r-o-k-e. What do you do when a n*gga’s on his last legs, don’t have nothing, baby mom’s all over the place, you was eating Olivia.” (Radio Planet TV)

Last June, Buck publicly said he would never return to G-Unit.

“I just want to get this out real quick and make sure to let all my people out there know one thing, as far as the G-Unit reunion sh*t on me, I ain’t with that sh*t,” Buck told a crowd of concert fans. “We got too much unfinished business to happen, 50 [Cent]. I’m not with none of that sh*t — I just want to make sure we get that clear. I’m not with it my n*gga, you took a real n*gga through too much my n*gga. If you want war, we gonna go to war [and] we gonna do this sh*t in a real street way until one of us dies my n*gga. I’ll play that game with you. It’s only right, somebody’s gotta do this in a real way…Even if I lose my life in being a real n*gga, one thing y’all motherf*ckers know is that [I] was a real n*gga…When a n*gga playing with a n*gga’s life then you treat a n*gga with no emotions. You take a n*gga’s life. So either meet me in h*ll or heaven, f*ck you, f*ck G-Unit.” (EME T.V.)

Recently, Buck promised to straighten out his contractual obligations with ex-associate and current owner to his publishing rights, 50 Cent.

“It’s on the way,” Buck said about his next official album when we caught up with him recently in Houston. “The music speaks for itself. I’m everywhere when it comes to online — I throw music out. People are already aware of my situation … the whole fight with the contract thing. It’s about to get real, real interesting, people. I will say that much…If you ain’t focused on Buck, now is the time to get focused on Buck,” he continued. “With this whole contract situation, we really gonna see what this was really about. Y’all mark my words: I’ll be back to MTV to finish this when it all ends. At the end of the day, I appreciate the people that’s sticking right there through the fight I’m going through as far as my contract situation.” (MTV)

Check out Tony Yayo speaking on Young Buck below:

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