G-Unit Foe Disses Mazaradi Fox: “Funny Sh*t Is He Died On My Birthday, Best Gift Of My Life”

G-Unit Foe Disses Mazaradi Fox: “Funny Sh*t Is He Died On My Birthday, Best Gift Of My Life”

Former G-Unit affiliate Bang’Em Smurf has no love for Mazaradi Fox and has unleashed some fury toward the late hip-hop artist’s memory days after his fatal shooting.

Despite having never met Fox, Smurf said the rapper’s notorious reputation did not sit well with him.

“Fox was some old head from [Queens] that mislead the youths to his dirty work,” Bang’Em Smurf said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Never met the old n*gga. Don’t know him, but he was disrespectin’ me and Domination over the ‘Net. That’s what sparked the feud. I take disrespect from no one and he spoke on my kids rydin’ 50 [Cent]‘s d*ck, tryn’ to get a deal. Funny sh*t is he died on my birthday. Best gift of my life. Free Domination.” (HHDX)

Upset by the news, G-Unit’s Tony Yayo acknowledged the violence around his neck of the woods following Fox’s passing over the weekend.

“It’s crazy out here, man,” Yayo said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, rest in peace to Mazaradi Fox. Southside all day. You know how it is in these streets, man. Yeah man, it’s not a game out there. People’s not playing. Sh*t is definitely real. You know? Rest in peace to Fox, condolences to his family, his daughters and everybody. Yeah, man. They only got guns in America. When we go to Paris – they don’t have guns over there.” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)

New York authorities believe the rapper’s horrific shooting may have been all about revenge.

A police source indicated the Fox slaying was possibly gang-related. Five years ago, Fox pumped two .25-caliber bullets into Queens gangbanger Rashawn Carter, authorities said. The victim survived the shooting. Charged with attempted murder, Fox was later convicted of attempted assault and sent to prison. In a bizarre twist, Carter was then executed in a brazen February 2010 street hit witnessed by the local precinct commander. “What a stroke of luck,” one police source dryly observed. “The person you were trying to kill gets killed by someone else.” (New York Daily News)

G-Unit Records released a statement on Fox’s shocking death on Friday (January 3).

“We’re sorry to hear about the tragic news. Our sympathy goes out to his family and friends. Despite reports, he was never on the G-Unit record label,” says a representative for G-Unit. “50 Cent was in his New York studio and was saddened when he heard the news. He sends his condolences to Mazaradi’s family,” said a rep for 50-Cent. (This Is 50)

50 Cent hopped onto his Twitter page to react to Mazaradi’s passing.

“Saddened by the news of Mazaradi’s tragic passing my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends #smsaudio,” Fif tweeted January 3. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

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