G-Unit Associate Takes Rick Ross “Search” To Miami, “I’ma Come Where You At” [Video]

G-Unit Associate Takes Rick Ross “Search” To Miami, “I’ma Come Where You At” [Video]

G-Unit associate Mazaradi Fox has announced plans to take his Rick Ross “search” directly to the rapper’s hometown.

Speaking via a video blog, Fox confirmed his presence in Miami around Memorial Day Weekend.

“I’ma come where you at,” Fox said in a video. “We on you. We booked already [for Memorial Day weekend]. He know where I’m coming to. He knows what clubs I’m coming to n*gga. He knows the dates I’ma be there…He know I’m there. Shout-out to 305, he’s a punk. Trust me on this one, he’s a punk…We on the Rick Ross tour right now. We got like seven, eight dates off this n*gga…You ain’t gotta say another word about me, I’m coming. That’s how easy that sh*t was man.” (Hip Hop Beef)

Fox previously announced his “search” for Ross earlier this month.

“I don’t even respect n*ggas from New York letting him come through this motherf*cker with his shirt off,” Fox said in an interview. “He’s easy, Fif’s playing with him, ‘Pimpin’ Curly’ and all of them. I don’t play that sh*t. You keep talking that robotic sh*t, there’s going to be a problem. I ain’t never seen a fat n*gga get busy…N*gga looking for Rick Ross, what’s up, where you at? Shhh. Shhhh. Shhh. I’m on you.” (Fient Out TV)

Ross recently spoke on his appreciation of the Big Apple and 50 Cent’s hometown fans.

“I brought the war to they turf,” Ross said in an interview. “Before it was, ‘I run New York’ now they online saying you won’t come to Queens. Y’all n*ggas make up y’all mind. Move outta Queens…New York knows he’s a monkey. That’s why I love New York so much. They divorced the monkey, they kicked him out. These people not relevant around here. They don’t go to Queens.” (Shade 45)

The Miami rapper is currenly on the road promoting his new album Deeper Than Rap.

Rick Ross’ in-store appearances include: Tuesday, April 21 6:30 PM at Brandsmart 4320 NW 167 St., Miami, FL. Thursday, April 23 7 PM at Best Buy 529 5th Ave, New York, NY. Friday, April 24 4 PM at Downtown Locker Room, 1060 Brentwood Road, Washington, DC and Saturday, April 25 1 PM at Best Buy 2940 Turner Hill Rd, in Lithonia, Georgia. (Press Release)

Check out Fox announcing his trip to Miami below:

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