G. Dep’s Wife Reacts To Lil Wayne’s ‘Special Delivery’ Track: “[He] Rapped To The Essence Of My Husband’s Style”

G. Dep’s Wife Reacts To Lil Wayne’s ‘Special Delivery’ Track: “[He] Rapped To The Essence Of My Husband’s Style”

The wife of jailed rapper G. Dep, Crystal Sutton, has stepped forward to offer her reaction to rap star Lil Wayne snagging his memorable “Special Delivery” beat for a Dedication 4 track.

Although impressed by the song as a whole, Sutton placed extra emphasis on Wayne’s guest feature.

“Bringing back the beat definitely makes people think of ‘Special Delivery,'” she told XXLMag.com. “I have seen a lot of Twitter activity with mentions of ‘the Harlem Shake is back’ or ‘this makes me want to listen to G. Dep.’ So, ultimately, I am happy and play helps pay to keep going in Trevell’s commissary.” In particular, Sutton was delighted by J. Cole‘s verse, which described his struggling come up. She compared it to her hubby’s hungry rhyme style when he was a rapper for Bad Boy Records. “[I was] surprised…happy that J. Cole rapped to the essence of my husband’s style,” she explained. “J. Cole told a story, growing up. That was cool ’cause everyone can relate to it, like driving your parents car.” (XXL Mag)

In Cole’s verse, he uses the “Special Delivery” beat to tell the tale of grinding as a teenager.

“When this sh*t dropped I was like 16/Tryna get some head from a mixed thing–big dreams/Say goodbye to ripped jeans, n*gga got a job/Had my little wad, worst fear was getting robbed/For my last 50 dollars that I had left over/5 dollars in they pocket, n*gga in his left shoulder/Minimum wage, $5.15/13’s on the whip, kept my sh*t clean/Actually that was my mama sh*t” (Green Ranger)

Earlier this summer, reports surfaced which claimed Dep had plans to put out an autobiography in the near future.

In this passage the imprisoned MC tells a disturbing tale from his youth. One day, 10-year-old Coleman found a gun while playing with his friends near Harlem’s notorious James Weldon Johnson housing projects. Dep vividly recounts the details of the exciting yet horrifying day, and of his adolescent crew’s plans to cash in on the score. Moreover, he does it all in verse form. (This would definitely make an ill audio book.) (Complex)

Back in May, the incarcerated rapper discussed getting 15 years to life on a murder conviction.

G.Dep told The New York Post from Rikers, where he awaits transfer, that he felt he acted responsibly when he walked into a Harlem precinct two years ago and told police officers he shot a man in 1993. He said he wanted to clear his conscience. “Maybe at the end of serving time or after looking back, someone might feel differently,” G. Dep told the paper. “But now I feel what I did was right.” The rapper says his wife, who initially discouraged him from confessing, is beginning to understand why he came clean. He also told the Post he believes his daughter understands his decision — and his sons are as aware of his circumstances at they can be at just five years old. (NBC New York)

Check out “Green Ranger” below:

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