G. Dep Lets Loose A Special Delivery, Prison Memoir Excerpt Revealed

G. Dep Lets Loose A Special Delivery, Prison Memoir Excerpt Revealed

Incarcerated rapper G. Dep‘s upcoming Autobiographical Rapping Dude: The Rhyme Book is already catching the attention of hip-hop heads ahead of its release with the first chapter leaking online this week.

The excerpt began circulating online Wednesday (May 16) afternoon.

In this passage the imprisoned MC tells a disturbing tale from his youth. One day, 10-year-old Coleman found a gun while playing with his friends near Harlem’s notorious James Weldon Johnson housing projects. Dep vividly recounts the details of the exciting yet horrifying day, and of his adolescent crew’s plans to cash in on the score. Moreover, he does it all in verse form. (This would definitely make an ill audio book.) (Complex)

Dep uses a rhyming pattern to describe a childhood experience of when he came face-to-face with a gun.

“Dag/Then I looked in the bag There was a rag/And a box that said .357 mag-/Num./I’m guessing that was the make of the gun./But we all looked stunned/Like, Where did this come from?/Now it’s seven fifty something p.m./My mother’s eating/When a knock on the door disturbed her iced tea. Then/She answered the door it was the 28th precinct/With pictures of a guy, they asked her had she seen him.” (The Autobiographical Rapping Dude: The Rhyme Book)

Last January, the former Bad Boy Records star announced plans to pen an autobiography from behind bars.

“The book is an autobiography,” the former Bad Boy signee explained. “It’s one of those things where I’m not trying to explain or justify anything, it’s just I’m trying to just give people my last option. Obviously I can’t record. I don’t know if people are wondering what’s going on or even care, but this is something from an artistic point of view that will kind of close out what I was doing, for now. It might kinda answer some people’s questions. ‘m really just putting it out there as an example. You can make your own synopsis of what you think of it or what you’re trying to do with yourself. Really, I’m just putting my story out there. And I’m trying to give a positive message at the same time.” (Reese On The Radio)

A couple days ago, he discussed getting 15 years to life behind bars on a murder conviction.

G.Dep told The New York Post from Rikers, where he awaits transfer, that he felt he acted responsibly when he walked into a Harlem precinct two years ago and told police officers he shot a man in 1993. He said he wanted to clear his conscience. “Maybe at the end of serving time or after looking back, someone might feel differently,” G. Dep told the paper. “But now I feel what I did was right.” The rapper says his wife, who initially discouraged him from confessing, is beginning to understand why he came clean. He also told the Post he believes his daughter understands his decision — and his sons are as aware of his circumstances at they can be at just five years old. (NBC New York)

Check out G. Dep’s murder confession below:

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