Future Spills The Beans? Reveals Ciara’s Baby’s Gender

Future Spills The Beans? Reveals Ciara’s Baby’s Gender

Atlanta rapper Future may have to deal with an earful from fiancée Ciara after reportedly dishing out on the gender of their unborn child.

According to reports, Future revealed he is expecting a son with CiCi.

Well, during a recent interview, Ciara’s soon-to-be-hubby accidentally spilled the beans on the gender of the little one, but it didn’t come easy! “The baby is already listening to music now. She sent me a video while I was over here with the headphones on her stomach. She said ‘The baby just listened to Turn On The Lights, the version with me and you!’ I said ‘He gott- You gotta play that Anytime for him, the new one you did. Let him hear that. See how he kick.'” It looks like these two are having a baby boy!! (Perez Hilton)

When asked about how much focus they have placed onto an upcoming wedding, Future recent said he and CiCi were addressing things head-on.

“We’re focusing on whatever concerns us. Anything that concerns us as far as career, baby showers, pregnancies, wedding, having a baby, everything that’s going on, we’re focusing on it. We’ve gotta to make sure everything is up to our standard.” (ELLE)

Future also noted how CiCi being a fellow musician had helped them bond even stronger.

“Of course, it can make it easier. She understands music. She understands that I work a lot. She understands [music] videos, just being on the set all day. And timing is everything. Once you understand how much time this music game takes from personal time, then you try to find a way to work around it. Because we’re both in music it works out perfectly. You’ve just gotta find a balance to everything.” (ELLE)

Ciara finally came clean on the growing baby speculation by announcing her pregnancy on live television around mid-January.

It’s true — Ciara is pregnant! After months of rumors, the singer and actress confirmed Tuesday on The View that yes, she is expecting a baby with her fiancé, rapper-producer Future. This will be the first child for Ciara, 28, while Future, 30, has three children from previous relationships — a son, 11, a daughter, 4, and a second son, 13 months. (People)

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