Future Names His Two Favorite Rappers, “He’ll Just Do Anything”

Future Names His Two Favorite Rappers, “He’ll Just Do Anything”

Atlanta rap newcomer Future recently talked about how he sees his career shaping up and who are a couple of his all-time favorite rap stars.

If things work out as planned, the ATL rapper sees a clothing line in his future.

“My three wishes are just be respected out the game. I want respect from everybody. And just make a successful clothing line and company. I’m not going to put a number on it. Just to have a great career…My favorite rappers are, I can’t really say. I like Kanye because he’s so creative. He’ll just do anything. I like what Kanye [West]‘s bringing to the game. Lil Wayne. I like Wayne…[The future?] [I see myself] running rap, running this era. The radio is going to sound like Future.” (Global Grind)

Earlier in the week, Future talked about rejecting Lil Wayne’s request to hop on his “Tony Montana” remix.

According to Future, not only was Drake vying for a guest spot on the hot track, but his Young Money labelhead Lil Wayne wanted to jump on it, too. “He told me how much of a fan he was of mine and he was like, ‘Wayne wants to get on it, too,'” recalls Future, who declined the offer. “I was like, ‘Wayne not gonna get on it.’ Too many big artists on the song already… That’s why I didn’t want him and Wayne on the song.” (XXL Mag)

Last week, Future described his frustration in Drake’s decision to not appear in their song’s music video.

“Yeah, but I salute him for even getting on the record,” Future said when asked about Drizzy’s absence from the “Tony Montana” remix music video. “I wasn’t real mad about it but when I first talked to him about it, I told him, ‘If you do this, make sure you know what you’re doing, this is my baby.’ … It wasn’t a shocker because when he did it [the remix], I knew he wasn’t going to do it — just because that’s what the music industry has come to. Nobody ain’t trying to give nobody a hand and help them push them in the right direction no more than what you’re going [in the right direction]. … It’s basically like a slap in my face because [the fans are] like, ‘You should have did it with somebody from Atlanta who’s gonna get in the video, who want to be a part of your video.’ … I really wanted to give Atlanta something different and it turned out being a slap in my face for it not completing the whole thought.” (The Source)

Recently, the “Tony Montana” hitmaker talked to SOHH about linking with T.I. for their “Magic” collaboration.

“”Magic” was the first record T.I. jumped on when he came outta jail. Like, he was out of jail a day and he jumped straight on the “Magic” record without me even knowing about it. I didn’t even know he was gonna get on it, so it was a win-win situation. People around me were saying T.I. said, “Whatever the hottest song is, I wanna get on it!” And he made it happen. It was a good look for all my fans and all his fans, especially because he was able to take it to another level for me. The first time I heard [T.I.’s version] I was on my way to the radio station and they were playing it. For him to do that made me feel like I was part of the rap game, ’cause he isn’t just gonna get on anybody’s song.” (SOHH Singled Out)

Check out some recent Future footage below:

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