Funkmaster Flex Explodes In Mister Cee’s Defense, “I’ma Say Something Today I Ain’t Never Said” [Audio]

Funkmaster Flex Explodes In Mister Cee’s Defense, “I’ma Say Something Today I Ain’t Never Said” [Audio]

New York’s Hot 97 radio veteran Funkmaster Flex has spoken out in defense of Mister Cee after rival station a Power 105.1 host taunted him for recently being arrested on a public lewd sex charge.

Sending out subliminal shots to Power 105, Flex warned about a possible retaliation.

“New York City, I see everything moving and I see everybody moving,” Flex said during his Monday (April 4) night Hot 97 broadcast. “We don’t discriminate against no one or anybody. Whatever is your preference out here New York City, we do not discriminate. Because I need to say that before I say what I’m gonna say. Understand, the rumors that you hear about my man Mister Cee are untrue. OK? Let’s address that first but we do not discriminate on what anybody wants to do…Now you listen to me right now so you understand clearly. New York City, I’m gonna say something today that I ain’t never said. I know over there in that building, greasy talk huh, let me explain something to you right now. I’ll lose a friendship today. I know everything that moves in that building…You want to throw a stone this morning? Is that what it is? … All of y’all over there know exactly what I’m talking about. I will lose that friendship because I stand next to this logo! I stand next to this logo and nothing tears it down!” (Hot 97)

Flex also said he would willingly expose Power 105 if they continued to taunt his station.

“Be clear, you’ll never win,” Flex added. “Ya did what you did and you’re still in a losing position. But it doesn’t stop there for me…Listen to me, I know what goes on up in those evenings and I know what goes up in that building and around it. And you know the shot I’m sending today. You know what that shot is! … The choice is yours. You hear me? You know what it is…You will always dream of winning. You will never win. You can take anything you see, anything that you want to go with, this building will never crumble…” (Hot 97)

Earlier in the day, Power 105.1 morning “Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God shared his input on Cee’s publicized situation.

“Donkey of the day goes to the finisher Mister Cee,” Power 105.1 radio host Charlamagne Tha God said Monday morning. “Now do we call him the finisher or do we call the 20 year-old male prostitute that got caught giving him [oral sex] the finisher? … Do we call him Mister or Misses? … When you get caught in a compromising donkey a** position like this, you get a hee ha. First of all Mister Cee, you are 44 years old, why are you still doing stuff like this in your car? Get a room or get a boyfriend that you can bring to your house…” (Power 105.1)

Confirmation on Cee’s arrest hit the Internet early Monday morning.

Although some bloggers are claiming the story is a hoax, the NewYork court system’s web site confirms that Calvin Lebrun aka DJ Mister Cee was arrested last week on charges of public lewdness. Evidently DJ Mister Cee, who works for New York City’s Hot 97, was picked up for having sex with another 20-year-old man in public. The two men were evidently arrested in Manhattan’s West Village, an area known by police where men participate in gay sex in public. Cops say they caught the younger man performing oral sex on DJ Mister Cee at Watt and West Streets. (Gay Socialites)

Check out Funkmaster Flex speaking out on Power 105 below:

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