Funk Flex Tells Dame Dash Shut Up & Listen: “Don’t Be Mad At Me B/C I’m Still Current & You’re Not” [Audio]

Funk Flex Tells Dame Dash Shut Up & Listen: “Don’t Be Mad At Me B/C I’m Still Current & You’re Not” [Audio]

Hot 97 radio veteran Funkmaster Flex stayed true to his word yesterday (June 5) of coming out on his nightly broadcast and airing out his issues with estranged pal Damon “Dame” Dash. #GetFlexed

Flex blasted Dame for taking aim at notable music veterans including former Def Jam executive Joie Manda.

“If you’re only four years in the game, or you’ve only been on your website about three years, sometimes you believe foolishness like this. People trying to pit people against each other because of their color. That’s what’s happening here. Yeah he happens to be my friend but now he’s pitting people against each other for their color. … Remember when the culture vulture cut you that check?” (Hot 97)

Rather than end things on a positive note, Flex used his radio show to fire a few more direct shots at Dame.

“You had your opinion, everybody let you have your opinion; I got mine. Don’t be mad because I’m on a bigger platform. Don’t be mad because I’m still current and you’re not. Don’t be mad at me. Don’t be mad because I took up for my friend because you were trying to box him in — You didn’t adapt to the game. The game changed and you’re mad at everyone else. Be mad at yourself.” (Hot 97)

Flex promised to address his issues with Dame yesterday (June 5) afternoon.

“Haaaa!! Turn me on @7pm tonite as I introduce @duskopoppington to what 2014 feels like!!! @hot97 n*gga you want it? I’m going to address tonite a little more clear!!!,” Flex wrote June 5. (Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram)

Dame did not waste any time and decided to fire off a few disses at the radio veteran.

“@djfunkflex that was to easy I will be doing combat jack tonight and you are welcome to join @missinfo will be there…lets just keep it smart …remember you are 46 years old and you are defending another man from another culture and you will be influencing a lot of people so be responsible …don’t let your ego end your career… I’m only helping you because your from my culture… Peace black man and bring joi… You have a lot of passion for him…I wonder why” (Funkmaster Flex’s Instagram)


Check out Funkmaster Flex’s comments:

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