Fugees Member’s Child Support Woes Exposed: “It’s About My Son Who Lives In A Shoebox”

Fugees Member’s Child Support Woes Exposed: “It’s About My Son Who Lives In A Shoebox”

Fugees group member Pras is making headlines this week after an ex-girlfriend appeared in court and singled him out over being an absentee father to their son.

According to reports, Pras has not been there for their four-year-old son Landon.

“This isn’t about [Pras],” huffed the singer’s ex-girlfriend, Angela Severiano, outside court. “It’s about my son who lives in a shoebox.” Michel’s only comment on the child-support dispute was to scream at a reporter, “Get the f–k out of my face,” before dashing out of the hearing. Severiano, a singer-turned-consultant, testified in Manhattan Family Court that she lives in the cramped E. 91st apartment where Landon sleeps in a converted bedroom and she bunks down in the living room. (Page Six)

Barring any changes, the rap veteran will appear in court this September to address the child support battle.

The absentee dad is scheduled to testify in September about why he shouldn’t up child support from $3,000 to $7,000 a month so Severiano can move into a two-bedroom apartment. He finally obeyed a court order Thursday to show up for the child support hearing after skipping the first appearance last month. (Page Six)

Back in September 2013, reports about Pras being victimized in a studio scandal hit the Internet.

Rapper Pras — co-founder of The Fugees — says he’s been cheated out of thousands of dollars … double-crossed by two guys who took his money and then robbed him of studio time. Pras filed suit in small claims court in Los Angeles County — using his full name, Prakazrel Samuel Michel — claiming he paid Jason Gluz and Chasen Spellman $5,600 to rent their North Hollywood recording studio … but never got to record because they double-booked the studio Plus, he claims the guys refused to give his money back. (TMZ)

No stranger to legal drama, Pras made headlines in late 2012 over a movie dispute.

The rapper hired Marshall Tyler to help him shoot Paper Dreams, about Somali pirates off the East African coast, but alleges the filmmaker has not turned over the scenes they shot. He has filed a lawsuit demanding Tyler return the footage, or hand back the $70,000 Michel invested to cover filming and travel expenses. (ABC 4)

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