Fugees Member Cheated Out Of Thousands, Victimized In Money-Snatching Double-Cross

Fugees Member Cheated Out Of Thousands, Victimized In Money-Snatching Double-Cross

The Fugees’ Pras is taking legal action after allegedly being victimized by two businessmen he paid over $5,000 to for studio time in Los Angeles.

Details of Pras’ legal war have started to circulate across the Internet this weekend.

Rapper Pras — co-founder of The Fugees — says he’s been cheated out of thousands of dollars … double-crossed by two guys who took his money and then robbed him of studio time. Pras filed suit in small claims court in Los Angeles County — using his full name, Prakazrel Samuel Michel — claiming he paid Jason Gluz and Chasen Spellman $5,600 to rent their North Hollywood recording studio … but never got to record because they double-booked the studio Plus, he claims the guys refused to give his money back. (TMZ)

In light of the situation, the Fugees member is suing for nearly $10,000.

Pras is suing them for $9,000 — the $5,600 rent … plus the cash he shelled out for hotel and airfare to L.A. for the studio session. We caught a pretty fired up Pras last week … right after he’d gone to police, attempting a file a complaint against the studio. (TMZ)

No stranger to legal drama, Pras made headlines late last year over a movie dispute.

The rapper hired Marshall Tyler to help him shoot Paper Dreams, about Somali pirates off the East African coast, but alleges the filmmaker has not turned over the scenes they shot. He has filed a lawsuit demanding Tyler return the footage, or hand back the $70,000 Michel invested to cover filming and travel expenses. (ABC 4)

Despite the hefty demand, the director’s camp claimed he did no wrong.

Pras claims he’s repeatedly asked for the goods, but never heard a word back. Now he’s suing to get the footage … or at least recover his 70 grand, plus damages. A rep for Marshall says, “Pras is trying to assert ownership on material that Marshall owns the copyright to.” (TMZ)

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