French Montana’s Bad Boy Records Summer Release Gets Shelved

French Montana’s Bad Boy Records Summer Release Gets Shelved

Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana is going to have ample time to perfect his long-awaited Excuse My French debut’s release with reports claiming it is now pushed back to the fall.

While details are still coming together, the album pushback is reportedly per Montana’s requesting.

French Montana has been steadily promoting his debut studio album, “Excuse My French,” since Rick Ross revealed the album’s release date on Feb. 26. But fans will have to wait longer than its initial day of release of July 17. Yesterday (June 15), a rep for French Montana confirmed to Billboard’s The Juice that “Excuse My French” will be released in early fall. “I’m still working on a couple of the last pieces so I’m not really rushing it,” French told The Juice. Although his full-length opus is “halfway done,” French admits hitting the road on Drake’s Club Paradise tour interrupted the recording process. “This tour set me back,” he continued. (The Juice)

The New York rapper has reportedly sought out former Bad Boy Ma$e to help steer his LP.

When contacted by Billboard, Ma$e’s camp deflected questions about his future plans. Reps from Maybach didn’t return calls for comment. According to Montana, Ma$e is serving as an A&R representative on Montana’s forthcoming Bad Boy debut, “Excuse My French,” as well as appearing on the remix of Montana’s “Everything’s a Go.” “I’m not sure what kind of decisions he’s going to make,” Montana says, “[but] I would love to see him in my camp.” (Billboard)

Recently, Grammy-winning producer Jerry Wonda gave Montana nothing but accolades.

“Man, you know what, I’ve worked with a lot artists in my day, going back to 1996. I’ve been really getting in and working with a lot of different artists. That dude is so hungry, man, he cut up about seven songs in one day,” Wonda told SOHH referring to French Montana. “Actually, it was one afternoon, not even one day. Cats show up at night, like around nine o’clock and stay until five o’clock in the morning. He got seven songs done, man. Seven songs. He’s no joke. People think he blew up overnight but at the end of the day, he’s put in a lot of overtime. [laughs] He’s put everything into it, man.” (SOHH)

A few months back, Montana talked about bringing New York hip-hop back to the forefront.

“It’s been so long for a New York artist to really [have an impact] that it seems like there’s been a dark cloud over New York and the East Coast,” Montana said in an interview. “It’s a blessing that me and other East Coast artists are finally getting our shine again. Artists like Meek Mill (who is from Philadelphia), myself…everybody. We just need more support, that’s all. A song like ‘Shot Caller’ is East Coast…it even has the Lords of the Underground sample from “Funky Child.” But it’s important that we make sure we also make music for everybody else like I did with “Choppa Choppa Down.” (VIBE)

Check out some recent French Montana footage below:

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