French Montana Says He’d Take Diddy’s Sloppy Seconds: “Never Judge What A Woman Did Before She Met You”

French Montana Says He’d Take Diddy’s Sloppy Seconds: “Never Judge What A Woman Did Before She Met You”

Bad Boy Records’ French Montana recently offered his take on the importance of loving your significant other without letting friends dig too deep into the relationship.

In French’s perspective, people should always be wary to friends’ best interests and also spoke up for women who may have slept with their boyfriends’ close pals.

Angela Yee: Ever have a relationship and her friends mess things up? French Montana: Friends always f*ck sh*t up, ’cause you never know when they’re hating or looking out for you. What about your friends? Of course they hate; they’re the worst. As soon as they see her with somebody–especially a rapper–they got you pulling her aside. Say she previously smashed Rick Ross or Diddy. Does it matter? Of course not. You can never judge what a woman did before she met you–she didn’t know you. If she’s still doing it after, that’s a problem. But everybody got a past, you don’t want her to start digging up yours. (VIBE Vixen)

Recently, French undressed rumors about him having a thing for Miami rapper Trina.

“There’s a lot of rumors about me and Trina,” French said in an interview. “I mean, you know, she’s a close friend of mine. What people see you with somebody more than one time, a couple times, this and that, they always want to spread rumors. I’m glad that’s a real close friend of mine and we’re just cool. We keep it on a cool level. We’re friends.” (Bossip)

In March, Montana also silenced rumors about having something romantically stirring with her.

“She’s doing a photo shoot,” Montana laughingly said when asked why Trina accompanied him to his interview. “She was here. She was doing something next door with Carmelo [Anthony]. Nah, come on. Every time she comes in town, she just hollers. She’s my homie. … We got a big record together called ‘Tic Toc.’ … That’s Trina’s record. [We have one for myself too.] Yup. Yeah. We working. We get a lot of work done. [laughs] I’m helping her out, she’s helping me out with music. I executive produced her mixtape. Yeah.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Earlier this year, the New York native talked about his close-knit bond with incarcerated friend Max B.

He remembers that his life could have ended up very differently. “My best friend (rapper Max B) is serving 75 years in prison,” he says. “Only one of us made it. I think about all this when I make music, of all the sacrifices made. Nothing is just going to come to you, you have to make it happen.” He also survived a gunshot wound to the head, a shooting that occurred en route to a Bronx studio. “I try not to bring that memory back. I’m glad I made it through that time, but, yeah, that experience was part of the album.” (USA Today)

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