French Montana Reveals Why He’s Not Sweatin’ Over His Sales [Video]

French Montana Reveals Why He’s Not Sweatin’ Over His Sales [Video]

Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana recently stepped up to explain why first-week sales will neither make or break him as his long-awaited Excuse My French sits on store shelves.

According to Montana, he does not make bank purely based off his record sales.

“Nah, not really,” Montana said in reference to worry about his album sales. “Nah, I don’t make money off CDs. I do shows. I do other things. So that don’t bother me. It don’t concern me because I’ll keep working hard regardless. The only thing I was concerned about was having the right music. That’s what’s gonna live on forever.” (Power 99 FM)

This week, Montana’s highly anticipated LP secured a top five debut.

Bad Boy Records rookie French Montana’s Excuse My French landed at No. 4. With a full week under his belt, French’s new LP managed to snatch up 56,300 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Montana recently admitted he would cop a shipment of his new album.

Excuse My French is available on pre-order this week. Honestly, how many copies will you be buying for yourself? Probably about… I’mma buy me enough to give out when I go out on tour. Like, a hundred out of my pocket. That’s $10 a piece. I’ll have the label buy a 1000 or something and I’ll take it from them. What I’mma buy? A hundred. (MTV Hive)

A few months ago, the New York native revealed how many albums he hoped to sell in the first week.

“May 21st,” French confirmed when asked about his album release date. “I’m trying to crack that big number when I drop. Man, I gotta crack at least 200 [thousand] or better. You never know though. You know what I’m saying? You never know though. It all comes down to the shipping. I don’t care [what’s come out in the past ten years].” (Sirius XM)

Check out French Montana’s interview:

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