French Montana Reveals The Only “Excuse My French” Guest Feature He Paid For

French Montana Reveals The Only “Excuse My French” Guest Feature He Paid For

Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana recently boasted about dropping his new Excuse My French without having to kill his label’s budget with high-priced album features.

According to Montana, the only collaborator he spent money on is jailed friend Max B.

“The only person I paid was Max B. That’s about it,” French told “RapFix Live” on Wednesday of his longtime friend, who is featured on the album’s opening track and is currently serving 75 years in prison. Montana said it’s his relentless work ethic that leads his musical peers to want to help him out. “Honestly, Sway, I just feel like I’ve been blessed for everybody watching my grind,” he said. “They see that I grind for everything that I want, I make it happen, so I just feel like people love to help people who help they self, because we all gonna need each other in the end.” (MTV)

Earlier this year, the New York native talked about his close-knit bond with Max.

He remembers that his life could have ended up very differently. “My best friend (rapper Max B) is serving 75 years in prison,” he says. “Only one of us made it. I think about all this when I make music, of all the sacrifices made. Nothing is just going to come to you, you have to make it happen.” He also survived a gunshot wound to the head, a shooting that occurred en route to a Bronx studio. “I try not to bring that memory back. I’m glad I made it through that time, but, yeah, that experience was part of the album.” (USA Today)

Coincidentally, Bad Boy Records presidenet Harve Pierre recently said artists attach themselves to Montana records rather than him going out on his own to snatch collaborations.

Bad Boy president Harve Pierre offers an explanation for why there hasn’t been more solo Montana material. “It’s really not about him needing other people on his records. It’s about other people wanting to be a part of what he’s doing,” he says. “They see the work that he’s put in over the past 10 years and they relate to it. They know that he’s real.” (Billboard)

Based on one-day estimates, the rapper’s new Excuse My French is projected to sell up to 50,000 copies in its opening week.

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