French Montana On Kanye West, Jay-Z & Rick Ross Record Deal Offers, “[Puffy] Outbid Everybody”

French Montana On Kanye West, Jay-Z & Rick Ross Record Deal Offers, “[Puffy] Outbid Everybody”

Hours after announcing his official induction into the Bad Boy Records family, New York rapper French Montana confirmed speculation suggesting Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rick Ross were in talks to sign him to their respective labels.

According to French, rap mogul Diddy was able out outbid the other offers he received.

“It was just that homie kept his word on everything he ever told me. He came through with a couple checks way before I ever signed anything. That’s ‘always’ good. [laughs] And you know, a lot of people be having things to talk about but you can’t really judge your relationship with a person on what other people say,” Montana told Funkmaster Flex before detailing a recent Las Vegas outing he had with Puffy. “My dog came through with the big bag and outbid everybody and definitely shout-out to everybody, ’cause they’re all fam. Shout-out to Kanye [West], Jay-Z, definitely shout-out to [Rick] Ross ’cause Ross definitely helped me out a lot. He definitely looked out for me. I hollered at Puff and said, ‘Yo Puff, you know we should really do the album with you and Ross.’ … So I got him and Ross executive producing my album. So it’s kind of a good feel and everything I asked [Diddy] for, he came through.” (Hot 97)

Yesterday (December 8), Montana publicly broke the news of his Bad Boy status on BET’s “106 & Park” weekday show.

“I really feel real good that’s why I kept it here in New York,” French explained. “Why would I take my talent to South Beach? When I met with Puff and sat down and really spoke, he told me a couple of things and [he] never lied to me about nothing and always kept his word. It is what it is. It’s New York. I want to bring it back to New York.” (“106 & Park”)

In late November, reports claimed Montana quietly inked a deal with Bad Boy.

I’ve heard from a few sources that Diddy has managed to sign French Montana to Bad Boy records. I was skeptical at first but that was followed by Diddy being on the, “Shot Caller,” remix. I also heard it may be a joint venture with Bad Boy Records and MMG. Would this be a good move for French? (Real Talk NY)

Weeks prior, Frenchie hinted at possible label offers courtesy of Yeezy, Jay, Puff, Ross and more.

“Shout out ot everybody who’s been showing me love — It’s everybody. I didn’t really make a decision yet. But shout out to everybody that’s been showing me love. Shout out to Jay-Z, shout out to Kanye, definitely shout out to Puff, shout out to my brother Rick Ross, shout out to Sony, shout out to Def Jam, shout out to Interscope, shout out to everybody. I love everybody, man. I just want to make the right decision and keep the music coming. I’m just focused on the music.” (DJ Absolut)

Check out a recent French Montana interview below:

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