French Montana Helps Miley Cyrus Sell Out After All-Nude Everything Tee Release

French Montana Helps Miley Cyrus Sell Out After All-Nude Everything Tee Release

Pop star Miley Cyrus has the Internet going nuts over a nude tee shirt line being up for grabs this week and receiving ample support from hip-hop artist French Montana.

According to Miley, her new nude, charity-inspired t-shirt line has sold out just a day after being made available for purchase.

“So in a day y’all crashed the site & bought up ALL the tees! I can’t quit smiling! Y’all made a difference in so many lives! So grateful”

“Just got this from @brianbowensmith #protecttheskinyourein SMILERS went so hard even I can’t get my own Tshirt!”

“Ok Smilers are crazy! They were online but the system crashed haha! Ill tweet the link as soon as we’re back up and running!”

“They hit stores today! I will let y’all know as soon as they’ll be available to buy online!”

“Alot of y’all are asking how to get the Ts Theyre online & 9 Marc Jacobs stores! will be in Euro next month $35 to save lives! $ well spent”

“@FrencHMonTanA thank you Frenchyyyyy :) yours is coming soon!” (Miley Cyrus’ Twitter)

Prior to being acknowledged by Cyrus, Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana co-signed the new gear.

“Ts are available at 9 Marc Jacobs boutiques including SanFran, LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, &…” (French Montana’s Twitter)

Miley announced the new campaign late Thursday (July 25) night.

Miley Cyrus took to Twitter Thursday night to reveal her latest collaboration, with Marc Jacobs’ Protect The Skin You’re In campaign, which raises money for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute. However, it’s the photo she tweeted along with it that’s gotten most of the attention. She’s been flashing some skin lately, but the T-shirt features a very naked Cyrus covering her lady parts. Starting today, the tees are available at nine Marc Jacobs boutiques, and T-shirts bearing other famous faces can be found for $35 at Marc Jacobs’ website. (Huffington Post)

Recently, Montana detailed his close-knit bond to Miley.

“That’s my dog. That’s my peoples. We became friends at the Clive Davis Grammy party. I was sitting there with Puff. She was sitting there with Wiz [Khalifa]. She just kept looking at me laughing, I kept on looking at her laughing. I said, “What you laughing at?” She said, “I know you high like me.” After that, we became mad cool. I went over to the studio, just kicking it — Yeah. We working on something now. That’s just cool peoples.” (MTV Hive)

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