French Montana Decodes “Excuse My French” Album Cover [Video]

French Montana Decodes “Excuse My French” Album Cover [Video]

Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana has provided the backstory behind his upcoming Excuse My French album cover art and explained its symbolization.

According to Montana, the main premise for his highly-anticipated debut’s cover is to illustrate the long journey it took to reach elite hip-hop status.

“The cover for my album is kind of like, you know, in this industry you believe everything’s real and it’s not,” Montana explained in an interview. “So I put like a kid walking through the desert. You know in the desert, sometimes you might be so thirsty you see water. And it don’t be nothing there. You know what I’m saying? And it’s the whole journey with me coming from Morocco, North Africa — it’s like me as a kid, just seeing the opportunity to come to a big city, New York, New York, big city of dreams, just making it happen. But it’s just about, this game is dry. So you got to get it how you get it. .. It was more of a statement than anything.” (LA Leakers)

French’s golden desert cover art bubbled across the Internet in late January.

After a slew of mixtapes, Moroccan-born, New York-bred MC French Montana will release his long-awaited debut for Bad Boy Entertainment, Excuse My French, on April 16th. Now you can get an exclusive first look at the record’s cover art, which depicts a young boy trekking through a scorching desert. (Rolling Stone)

Recently, the New York rapper talked about his soaring buzz despite not having an album to his name yet.

“I don’t understand what people want me to say. I know my work,” he said confidently. “I know that I’m the hottest in the game with no album out. Let’s get that clear.” In terms of album’s content, French explained that he was making exactly what the kids want to hear. “I make ignorant music,” he declared. “I grew up in an ignorant generation, so that’s what they wanna hear now, the ‘Ocho Cincos’ — they know everything word by word.” (MTV)

If all goes accordingly, Excuse My French will land on the late Notorious B.I.G.‘s birthday.

French Montana has suffered yet another push back. The NY rapper’s debut album Excuse My French was originally scheduled for release in March but was later pushed back to April 16th. Today, the album which is a joint venture between Bad Boy, MMG and Interscope has been delayed yet again to May 21st. Will this be the final date? You may never know. (HHNM)

Check out French Montana’s interview:

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