French Montana Dares 50 Cent To SoundScan Battle: “You Had Your Turn Old Man”

French Montana Dares 50 Cent To SoundScan Battle: “You Had Your Turn Old Man”

Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana is continuing his war of words with G-Unit’s 50 Cent, now daring his current music foe to a Nielsen SoundScan battle.

Montana hit Fif with a slew of disses and even poked fun at Chicago rapper Chief Keef leaving the rapper in Nevada by not showing up for a recent music video shoot.

“#Dunkeykong should send @Eminem & @adamlevine flowers for TRYINN to save his career come catch this fade monkey,” Montana tweeted November 30th.

“@50cent if u really about Dat life lets drop our album da same day and see who sell more u had your turn old man.”

“@50cent how your sun burn doin from waitin in da desert for 12 hours lol” (French Montana’s Twitter)

Fif kept things short and sweet by taunting Montana’s status on Bad Boy Records.

“LMAO @Frenchmontana gonna find out what we already know. Puffy gonna run like a b!tch you on ya own boy.,” 50 tweeted. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

This week, Curtis Jackson publicly went after French and called him the new version of incarcerated rapper Ja Rule.

“He runs his mouth prematurely, he’s not ready to compete on any level with me,” Fif said in an interview. “When I drop a record and it becomes the number one selling record in twelve hours, after you saying that, I think you should be quiet a little bit. You should hear the crickets now. So moving forward, I’ll put him completely out of business. I’ll put him out of business off the block, the corner — he only had one song and you didn’t even care about it because it was him, it had four other people on it. You don’t got to pick a side — my run itself will pick a side. That’s your new Ja Rule right now. He’s going to be your new Ja Rule.” (Peter Parker)

Days prior, the Bad Boy Records rookie questioned Fif’s selling power.

“[I’m dropping Excuse My French next year] because I ain’t want to be part of the billing cycle. I am ‘the’ most important person in that [Bad Boy Records] building, that’s how you got to look at it. You know ‘Donkey’ ain’t doing too good,” French said in an interview with DJ Drama, referring to 50 Cent. “[laughs] It’s bad over there, nobody’s really doing nothing. Shout-out to Kendrick Lamar doing all them numbers, that’s beautiful. … [Have I talked to 50 since the Twitter disses?] Nah, you know, things people do when they cold. That’s what happens. ” (Shade 45)

Check out a recent French Montana interview:

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