French Montana Calls 50 Cent A Jacka**: “You Know ‘Donkey’ Ain’t Doing Too Good” [Audio]

French Montana Calls 50 Cent A Jacka**: “You Know ‘Donkey’ Ain’t Doing Too Good” [Audio]

Bad Boy Records artist French Montana has taken another swipe at G-Unit head 50 Cent, weeks after the New York rappers went at each other’s necks on Twitter.

While he did not reference Fif by rap alias, he did fire a shot at his music career stability.

“[I’m dropping Excuse My French next year] because I ain’t want to be part of the billing cycle. I am ‘the’ most important person in that [Bad Boy Records] building, that’s how you got to look at it. You know ‘Donkey’ ain’t doing too good,” French said in an interview with DJ Drama, referring to 50 Cent. “[laughs] It’s bad over there, nobody’s really doing nothing. Shout-out to Kendrick Lamar doing all them numbers, that’s beautiful. … [Have I talked to 50 since the Twitter disses?] Nah, you know, things people do when they cold. That’s what happens. ” (Shade 45)

A couple weeks ago, Fif suggested rap newcomer Chief Keef is better than French.

“@chiefkeef got his own style. I’m talking about artist that don’t have albums out yet. He way better then frenchie.,” Fif tweeted Sunday (November 11) which is likely directed toward French Montana or possibly Atlanta rapper Frenchie. (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Last month, 50 publicly fired some shots directly at French Montana.

“French Montana you ain’t Sh!t boy. You out your league talking about me you hoe.i read your little interview what the f*ck is you high.,” Fif tweeted October 10th.

“French your Sh!t so weak you never had a song by your self fool. Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse. Girl”

“Do you realize this fool @Frenchmontana hasn’t sold one record and talking about sales.” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Prior to Fif’s comments, Montana went at the G-Unit leader and labeled him a monkey.

The saga between 50 Cent and French Montana officially continues with some new and interesting developments. You might recall that Fif ranted earlier today after he read Montana’s interview with Complex, in which the Bronx MC noted that Fif could have been more successful if he steered clear of beefs. But now Montana has responded in kind, with a shot at 50’s style and a RT from longtime 50 nemesis Rick Ross. You can peep the tweets below. “@50cent d*mnnn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da f*ckkk happen to uuuuuu” “stop wearning jean shots wit your knee cap showin swagless monkeyyyyyyyy #cokeboyssss lol” “RT @rickyrozay: y’all kno these h*e n*ggas get emotional around the holidays haaa” (Complex)

Check out French Montana’s interview:

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