Freeway Ricky Ross Still Wants The Boss, “I’m A Different Animal Than Most People Walking The Street Now”

Freeway Ricky Ross Still Wants The Boss, “I’m A Different Animal Than Most People Walking The Street Now”

Former drug kingpin Ricky “Freeway” Ross has re-emerged to continue his quest to take down Def Jam rapper Rick Ross for using his alias without permission.

Despite the case’s dismissal from court last year, Freeway said the legal matter is still being addressed.

“I’m in state and federal. Because, the federal judge, he made some mistakes inside the case. And, he really sanctioned my case when he said what he said, because he said I had state issues. And the federal law says if there is any possibility that there’s a claim then he must resolve the claim. He can’t leave issues on the table. [The issue being] that he used my name, he used my copyright without my permission…Once you use the name in public, in a certain format, that automatically copies it. And then another person is not allowed to come in and portray that they’re something that they’re not.” (Hip Hop DX)

Not afraid of the legal battle, Freeway also said he will take the case to the highest court if need be.

“I was willing to go all the way to the Supreme Court when I fought it the first time,” he added. “I’m not afraid of courts. I fought ‘em from a jail cell, when you have to sleep on the floor and they wake you up at three in the morning, [where] you sleep on a concrete floor, next to a steel toilet with piss on it… So if I can do that, now I can walk inside the courtroom, and sit on a cushioned bench. They dealing with a different animal. I’m a different animal than most of the people walking the street now.” (Hip Hop DX)

Last summer, rapper Rick Ross revealed Freeway’s lawsuit against him had been tossed out of court.

“just got update on lawsuit filed against me….injuction to stop release of my album has been denied!!aka tossed out!!..teflon don july20…,” Ross wrote Friday (July 2). (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Following the news, Freeway said he was still planning on continuing the legal battle against Ross.

“We were putting a restraining order, we wanted the album to be stopped,” Freeway said in an interview referring to Ross’ 2010 release, Teflon Don. “The judge ruled that we waited four years to do this and said while I was in prison I should have filed the suit so what we’ve done right now is we’ve [explained] the issue to him, saying that while I was in prison I didn’t have the money and these lawsuits are very expensive […] So what we’re doing right now is mending it because [the judge] threw it out without prejudice, meaning we could come back and ask him to do it again…That was the first round but you know — we’re going all the way with this. We spoke two weeks ago and he asked me my feeling on it, and I told him it wasn’t personal, it’s just business and doesn’t have to feel any personal threat or anything like that and I was going to handle it in court.” (WGCI)

Check out Freeway Ricky Ross speaking on the lawsuit below:

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