Freeway Ricky Ross Still Can’t Take Down The Boss

Freeway Ricky Ross Still Can’t Take Down The Boss

Former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross is not ready to give up on taking down rap star Rick Ross over using his name to blow up as a hip-hop artist and continues to lose in the courtroom.

According to new reports, Freeway could not win over a judge in his dispute against Ricky Rozay and his record company this week.

On Wednesday, a judge rejected claims made by “Freeway” Ricky Ross — who ran a notorious drug empire that covered Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s — against Warner Bros. Records over the career of hip hop star Rick Ross. The first Ross says the second Ross (born William Leonard Roberts II) stole his name and likeness, with the help of Jay-Z and others in the music industry. Unfortunately for the plaintiff, who was released from prison in 2009 on good behavior and now counsels youth, he’s been having trouble convincing a judge that he brought his claims soon enough over a rapper who has been around a decade. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Despite the tough uphill battle, Freeway has refused to give up and is now seeking help from an appeals court.

“Freeway” Ross is now preparing for the battle in an appeals court. “California Appeals Court briefs are due in a few weeks,” Ross tells us. “Judge believes that even a new contract still falls under Single publication, our position is that it is republication as in Nestle v. Chistophe. We feel good about our case. This is classic republication as to all defendants there was consistently new music, management decisions and product made. The statute of limitations was never meant to be used to hide defendants actively infringing with new decisions and campaigns.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Last year, Freeway and the “Boss” appeared in court over the copyright infringement case.

Rick Ross and “Freeway” Ricky Ross have appeared in a Miami court as the ongoing battle over the name continues. Freeway Rick claims that Ross is antagonizing him throughout the process. Freeway Rick filed suit against the rapper back in 2010 and has been battling for trademark rights ever since. (Hip Hop Blog)

The two have gone back and forth with their legal dispute over the past few years.

In May of 2010, Freeway Rick Ross filed a $10 million lawsuit against Rick Ross accusing him of profiting off of his name illegally. As a result, the judge ruled that he couldn’t sue because his criminal acts in the past had destroyed “any possibility that he has any valid trademark rights in his name, that have been violated by defendants.” The case was dismissed in Federal Court in November of 2010. (XXL Mag)

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