Freeway Ricky Ross On Rick Ross Lawsuit, “It Ain’t Even Really Against William Roberts”

Freeway Ricky Ross On Rick Ross Lawsuit, “It Ain’t Even Really Against William Roberts”

Former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross has stepped forward to address his lawsuit against Rick Ross over the commercial usage of his name.

According to Freeway, he is primarily upset about Def Jam not acknowledging the success they have achieved off rapper Rick Ross.

“I just want my name back,” Rick told XXL. “I don’t want to have to be ‘the real Rick Ross.’ When I go places I have to explain to people that I am the real one because Def Jam has put him on TV and now people recognize him. It causes a conflict.” Although he hasn’t made up his mind about whether he wants complete rights over the use of the name or just damages, he maintains that the suit is not personal. “It ain’t even really against William Roberts you know what I’m saying?” Ross added. “It’s really against Def Jam because they making all this money off of my name and you know those guys didn’t even reach out and said hello to me since I been home.” (XXL Mag)

Freeway’s nephew/rapper, Slim da Mobster, has also addressed Ross’ usage of the name.

“So for me, it just be funny when I hear a n*gga use somebody that I actually know’s name and it comes to [known] for one, [Rick Ross] was a cop or a C.O., police, worker, whatever. Now you’re confusing people with this picture you painted. That’s like you painting a picture and me takin’ credit for it. That’s like your picture with my signature at the bottom of it. That ain’t cool. When you’ve sat in prison for over 20 years for this sh*t, I don’t want anybody using my name unless you’re along those lines or you’re of that caliber.” (Hip Hop DX)

Freeway officially filed a lawsuit against Ross and Def Jam over the commercial usage of his name.

In a press release issued to us on Monday (May 24), Ross’ camp accused rapper Rick Ross, Def Jam and Universal of profiting “off of his name unlawfully while he was in jail, without his consent.” “It’s no secret that the boss at FreewayEnterprise.comis unhappy with how his name has been exploited and misused since he went to prison in 1995, and in 2006, the above-named parties signed [William L. Roberts II] (Rick Ross’ government name) to a big record deal and then spent, and made, millions off Ross’ name,” Freeway Ricky’s camp says in a press release. (Baller Status)

Earlier this year, Ross talked about the rapper not experiencing the same trials and tribulations he went through.

“I just keep pushing, I don’t really trip off of him using my name,” Freeway said in an interview. “I don’t really give it much thought. He was clever with what he did, he made himself a nice piece of money, fortune. I’m thankful that he didn’t have to sell drugs. There’s so many of us out here selling drugs and getting ourselves locked up at least he’s in a position where all he does is rap about it. You know, you can’t really knock him for that. You know, it is what it is. I had nightmares in prison about selling drugs. I’m a selling addict.” (Urban Spin Online)

Check out Freeway Ricky Ross speaking on Rick Ross down below:

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