Freeway Admits He Didn’t Like Dissing Nas During Jay-Z Beef

Freeway Admits He Didn’t Like Dissing Nas During Jay-Z Beef

Former Roc-A-Fella Records rapper Freeway recently discussed his relationship with Nas after a publicized feud with mentor Jay-Z in the early 2000’s and revealed their first face-to-face encounter.

Freeway said he respected Nas during the feud but had to ride with Young Hov and Team Roc.

“Yeah I got a chance to meet him. Cool story, so everybody knows I dissed Nas a couple times when he was riding for Jay or whatever, but I always loved Nas’ music. But I was riding for the team no matter what,” Free said in an interview. “So we was at the video shoot for “Roc Boys” after he and Jay got cool. We were leaving out at the same time, so I stopped him and I was like ‘Yo I love your music dawg’ and he was like ‘I love your music too.’ So he gave me a pound and we embraced each other. I just seen him in Philly a couple weeks ago performing at the Electric Factory. It hurt but it was like helping me be a man at the same time, like you do things that you don’t want to do but you got to do it.” (VIBE)

Last summer, ex-Roc rapper Beanie Sigel shared a similar sentiment toward Jadakiss and The LOX.

Beans assured his friend that he wasn’t aiming at him with that particular lyric and that he actually was a big fan of ‘Kiss and his group the LOX. Sigel explained that he eventually decided to take aim at Jada after a quiet war was bubbling between the Yonkers, New York, MC and Beanie’s Roc-A-Fella camp. “Yeah, I was riding for my team,” Beans explained. Whatever the case, the battle resulted in some amazing lyrical moments. Sigel put Jada in his scope on the Roc’s 2001 DJ Envy-hosted Empire Strikes Back mixtape when he spit, “F— the speculation, talk’s over/ N—a dig this, I’m about to son ‘Kiss [Sunkist] like a soda.” “N—as can’t stand you, Sigel/ Your flow is mine anyway so don’t bite the hand that feed you,” Jada snapped back on a 2001 mixtape freestyle. Eventually the two rap titans buried the hatchet, but looking back on it, they can still appreciate the sport of it all. “We were overlooked, because that was major,” Beans said. “I think it was therapeutic for hip-hop,” ‘Kiss added. (MTV)

Back in 2002, Freeway dropped his “Ya Get Out” diss going at Nas.

“Yo/NASTY NAS ain’t ridin’ on the FREEWAY/H*ll no we bang out on the FREEWAY, crash on the FREEWAY/Haterz waitin’ for Hova to die, before he see JAY/On my way to platinum, hata who gonna stop me?/I got the cops locked, who gone lock me?! … F*ck up my day/Nas is like, a b*tch wit the mack to his BELLY/Been dissed like this since MAKAVELLI (2Pac)/Now in dayz n*gga Ya rappin’ is way worse then ya actin’ in BELLY/It’s set!!!” (“Ya Get Out”)

Earlier this year, Nas reflected on ending his issues with Jay after former Island Def Jam executive L.A. Reid set-up a meeting.

“We went down to the studio, man, daped each other up and started laughing,” Nas said about reconciling with Hov. “Then the first thing Jay said to me, man, was ‘You aight?’ And I guess he heard about my mom passing, beyond everything else, he looked at me and said, ‘Yo man, you aight?’ I said, ‘Yo, this is a beautiful start right here.'” (VH1 Behind The Music)

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