Freekey Zekey Names His Two Biggest “No No’s” [Video]

Freekey Zekey Names His Two Biggest “No No’s” [Video]

While still awaiting a pending Dipset and Interscope Records deal to come to fruition, Diplomat Freekey Zekey has discussed two missteps people shouldn’t take this year.

Stressing the importance of practicing safe sex, Freekey said men should not sway away from using birth control in 2011.

“[Two] ‘Do Not Do’s.’ I don’t care how many times you boned her, this is some serious sh*t too,” Freekey said in an interview. “Keep the condom on. If you boned her four or five times, three times a piece, that’s you thinking, ‘OK, I boned her 15 times, I can go raw this time.’ No. So listen man, if you bone her five times or more, two bones, don’t have a three bone condom rule. Always keep your condom on.” (Dr. Jays)

The outspoken Diplomat also said he will put people on blast for hyping up jewelry and lifestyles.

“I was gonna say I’m walking around with the diamond tester,” Freekey added. “I was gonna say I’m walking around with my diamond tester. I spoke with my jeweler and he’s telling me them diamonds is not diamonds. They’re good enough and they shine like them, but they really not diamonds. Matter of fact. Number two. If you talking all that big willy talk and that splash, splash, all that all-white everything — nah, I’ma start off with your little pinky ring or your little whatever it is, bracelet or watch, we’re doing the diamond testing. Rule number two in 2011: If you talk big, just thinking big is cool, but you can’t talk it and live it. You know what I mean? Don’t talk that fly sh*t around me because I’m gonna pull your card. Rule number two is don’t talk no fake bullsh*t with Freekey because he’s gonna put you on blast with the camera and he’s saying names and he’s gonna smack the sh*t out of you if you get crazy with him. But I’m cool, calm and collective.” (Dr. Jays)

A few weeks back, Dipset A&R Duke Da God spoke to SOHH about his camp’s 2011 plans.

“Look out for us [this year],” Duke told SOHH. “Look out for [Diplomat producer] Araab Muzik. He’s everywhere. Really be on the lookout for him because he’s doing a lot of different collaborations and will have a project coming out later this year. It’ll be a whole album, compilation. So I got that coming, be on the lookout for that. Lookout for the new Diplomatic 3 Immunity album, that should be out at the top of 2011. And look out for new music from Hell Rell, J.R. Writer. I still do a lot of work with them two. Just keep on the lookout for production from us in 2011.” (SOHH)

Recently, Duke talked about Dipset taking their brand to a major record company.

“I think we outgrew E1. We did that when it wasn’t popular to go that route. We were innovators. Now we need to get it right. We need to touch the whole world. If we had a marketing budget of $200,000 on Koch, we need a $1 million to $1.5 million budget, so we can touch everybody. Our marketing budget wasn’t big enough at the time…There are so many avenues like radio and TV and [they’re more expensive]. It’s all about business, like with anything. You get what you pay for. You have to spend the money to get the proper listeners. Nothing is free. All them looks that you get, that you see major artists get, those aren’t free looks because they like the record. Just because Beyonce comes out with a record, it doesn’t mean everybody’s going to play it. It takes marketing dollars to get sh*t off the ground. All that sh*t you see on TV, those aren’t free looks. You have to pay to get those looks. When you’re in the game you see that though.” (Hip Hop Game)

Check out Freekey Zekey’s interview below:

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