Fred The Godson Responds To 40 Glocc’s Co-Sign

Fred The Godson Responds To 40 Glocc’s Co-Sign

Days after 40 Glocc gave props to XXL Magazine Freshmen ’11 cover star Fred the Godson, SOHH reached out to the Bronx lyrical monster to get his reaction to the co-sign.

While impressed with co-signs as of late courtesy of rappers like Swizz Beatz, Fred exclaimed how much 40’s words meant to him.

“I really have to thank Swizz Beatz for [co-signing me] because he’s a huge artist, but I would really have to go and lean toward the 40 Glocc [co-sign],” Fred told SOHH about weighing his recent co-signs. “He’s all the way in California. I’m all the way over on the other side of the [nation] so I really gotta say I appreciate that. A lot of people over here are in New York and heard of me and I’m grateful for that, but I gotta lean more over to 40 Glocc because he’s so far away, out there in California.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, 40 told SOHH Fred the Godson should be on everybody’s radar.

“I’m digging Fred the Godson,” 40 told SOHH. “I’ve been following Fred’s music for almost a year now. That dude goes hard, man! I think he definitely deserves more attention and so forth. I don’t think he’s getting the props that he’s really supposed to be getting right now. I think he should be getting more attention. He’s got content. You know what I mean? He’s hard, straight up.” (SOHH)

He also provided some career advice for the Bronx rapper.

“When you’re grinding and you’re trying to build something, you’ll get noticed,” 40 added. “It takes time though. You have to keep working and people are going to take notice. It’s just like you’re on a mission. Look at how long it took for people to recognize Young Jeezy. Now he’s walking everywhere. It took a process. Especially when you don’t have the lucrative amount of dollars and everything but still trying to make people see your talent and entity. So I think that’s what Fred the Godson has to do, keep on grinding it out.” (SOHH)

New York producer/rapper Swizz Beatz recently named Fred as one of his favorite new emcees.

Swizz Beatz may be holed up in the studio recording his album Haute Living, but he’s still got his ears open to what’s going on in hip-hop. The hitmaker, who just dropped his Eve-assisted single “Everyday (Coolin’),” recently revealed to DJ Absolut his five favorite rappers and rookies in the game right now, giving props to some familiar faces and letting some newbies shine, including one MC who popped up twice. Find out who made Swizzy’s Haute lists. Top 5 Rappers Rick Ross Kanye West Drake Wiz Khalifa Jadakiss Top 5 Rookies Sean Cross J. Cole Wiz Khalifa Nipsey Hussle Fred Da Godson (Rap-Up)

Check out some recent Fred the Godson footage below:

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