Frank Ocean Makes Big Splash, Rapper Change LP Title

Frank Ocean Makes Big Splash, Rapper Change LP Title

Odd Future’s Frank Ocean is reportedly the cause of rapper Asher Roth canning his previously titled Is This Too Orange? sophomore album months before it officially hits store shelves.

While he would not announce the new title, Ash did reveal his long-awaited next solo album is set to drop this January.

“I can’t reveal the title of it yet. I wish I could. We’re getting there. It was tentatively titled Is This Too Orange?, but that’s no longer the title out of respect to Frank Ocean. We’re re-energizing it with something brand new and we’ll announce it in a couple of weeks,” Ash said in an interview. “[When’s the release date?] We’re scheduled for January 22nd.” (MTV Hive)

Back in August, Roth also cited Ocean’s Channel Orange as the motivation behind nixing his album title.

“We have a new album coming out, obviously with the music business and the industry being in the way that it is and the shape that it is, we’re just kind of dealing with those strings. Trying to navigate those seas and point the ship in the right direction while also not really compromising character or compromising the art. … It’s tough. Obviously the initial title of the album was Is This Too Orange? and out of respect for Frank and the project he put together, he kind of beat me to the punch. Whatever, whatever. I just want to make sure we have an original idea. I don’t want any connotation or any comparisons or anything like that just simply off of a name. So we might have to start fresh from a name sake, maybe have the fans name it and we’ll see what’s up.” (By Any Means)

In January, Ash talked about not staying in the mainstream spotlight.

“We really had some issues and I really don’t want to use the word ‘politically,’ because that’s pushing the blame elsewhere. I definitely had some blame on myself with just being a jerk, and not cooperating, so to speak. We had some real issues with the powers that be,” Ash told radio host Bootleg Kev. “For about two years, we were pretty quiet on the mainstream and this is the information era. So, two years is a really long time, man. You should be gone, technicaly wiped away.” (Bootleg Kev)

Last November, Roth dished out the details behind his Def Jam/SRC Records deal.

“We understand that Def Jam is ready to compete in a changing music business and a music business that’s changed drastically even since the last time I was out doing commercial music,” he said. “Def Jam has the mindset and resources to compete in this arena, and I know [SRC Records CEO] Steve Rifkind knows that. … From a historical standpoint, when they asked me if I wanted to be with Def Jam for these upcoming projects, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Major labels kind of get a bad rap — I think that if you can supply them with this new age school of content, content, content, and they’re willing to give you the freedom to do that using a major label strength and resources is a win-win.” (XXL Mag)

Check out a recent Asher Roth interview below:

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