Frank Ocean Disses Rihanna’s Ex-Boyfriend W/ “Versace” Remix

Frank Ocean Disses Rihanna’s Ex-Boyfriend W/ “Versace” Remix

Tensions between R&B singers Chris Brown and Frank Ocean appear far from over as the Odd Future affiliate has taken a jab at Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend on his new “Versace” remix.

Rather than release the song, Ocean teased fans by unloading its lyrics Thursday (July 25).

“You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy/your music is sloppy/n*ggas is heated they keep on repeating the evening/in slow mo/I sold enough records/I’m selling out cities I don’t do no promo” (“Versace” Remix)

Media and blog sites immediately took notice of Ocean’s reference to this year’s Grammy Awards incident.

We all know that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean don’t really get along well. And a testament to their cold relationship was Chris Brown remaining seated while Frank Ocean made his way to the stage to collect the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album (Channel ORANGE). (Hip Hop N More)

Last month, reports claimed Brown could face battery charges over his altercation with Ocean in January.

It turns out that the case wasn’t actually closed, and Brown is currently under criminal investigation for the fight. The D.A.’s office has an active file on the case, even though Ocean never formally pressed charges against Brown. Instead, he urged “sanity” and “forgiveness,” even though Brown called him a gay slur and threatened to shoot him during their encounter. The D.A. may still be able to pursue the case, even with the lack of a cooperating witness, if there is compelling evidence. The fight may come up during Chris Brown’s probation review hearing Monday. As part of his probation for his 2009 assault on Rihanna, Brown is required to obey all laws. He is expected to appear in court for the hearing. (Inquisitr)

Back in March, Brown made sure to diffuse speculated issues between him and Ocean following the incident.

“With the Frank Ocean situation, I’ll put it like this, it’s in the past. Some stuff went down, but it’s whatever. It’s always sensationalized and always blown out of proportion. I got respect for his music. I got respect for everybody else, so I ain’t really trying to really go back down that route. Everything for me is moving forward. I do my music now so I’m good.” (Power 106)

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