Frank Ocean Comes Out To Officially Change His Name

Frank Ocean Comes Out To Officially Change His Name

R&B singer Frank Ocean is changing his family history after reportedly filing legal documents to change his birth name.

According to reports, Ocean is hoping to don the same name as his music alias.

Frank Ocean has made a drastic decision to legally change his name … but fear not … it’s not a Prince-esque symbol. Ocean — whose real name is Christopher Edwin Breaux — filed legal docs to officially change his name to Frank Ocean. To make it official … Frank has to plaster his intentions in a newspaper on 4 separate occasions — once a week, 4 weeks in a row. The idea is that if he’s using the name to defraud someone, potential victims can come forward and object in court. Yes, newspapers still exist. (TMZ)

Last fall, Ocean inked an open blog post following an extensive music biz hiatus.

“mind is pretty blank right now. i’m sitting in my kitchen listening to age of consent by new order. i like this song.. i f*ck with that gwen stefani song ‘cool’ too, i never knew 3000 played keyboards on it- sounds like some teen coming of age movie. i used my birthday week pass to stay in my apartment for too long.. sit still and catch up on some information. i saw that movie ‘glengarry glen ross’ and ‘bottle rocket’, ‘pi’, ‘blackfish’ (sea world is the devil), ‘this is the end’ (hahaha), ‘the purge'(smh), some funny horror movie i forgot the name of ‘…’ ” (Frank Ocean’s Tumblr)

Aside from discussing a few literary works, Ocean also hinted at being back to his music-making ways again.

“my homie in aussie suggested that i read ‘mr. norris changes trains’.. the writing was really nice. i read ‘the new jim crow’ it made me not f*ck with humans for an hour. oh and ‘difficult men’ which talked about great tv ..dexter, the wire, the sopranos, breaking bad and whatnot. i didn’t watch any news or read it …figured all that shit was gonna happen either way. i’m back to work these days.” (Frank Ocean’s Tumblr)

Last summer, Ocean had to fall back on an appearance at Drake’s annual OVO Fest due to a vocal injury.

The opening night of next week’s OVO Fest in Toronto has been cancelled due to the vocal problems of its headliner, Frank Ocean, Live Nation announced on Tuesday. Ocean, who suffered a tear on his vocal cord last week, resulting in the cancellation of an Australian tour, was to perform on Aug. 4 at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Canada’s largest city. James Blake, who was to perform on the same bill as Ocean, will instead be added to the sold-out Aug. 5 show alongside Drake and Wale. Tickets for the opening night will be refunded. (Billboard)

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