Foxy Brown’s Therapist Comes Forward, “She’s Obviously Got A Lot Of Issues”

Foxy Brown’s Therapist Comes Forward, “She’s Obviously Got A Lot Of Issues”

An ex-therapist for Foxy Brown has came forward to speak on the rapper’s recent arrest on an alleged assault and probation violation charge this week.

According to the source, Foxy is currently struggling through sadness.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said the therapist, who requested anonymity. “She’s obviously got a lot of issues and needs ongoing help, and I hope she gets it.” The counselor said Brown has struggled to cope with a loss of hearing while trying to launch her comeback. “I think she’s got a lot of frustration and a lot of sadness, and she’s trying to grab power where she can,” the therapist said. (New York Daily News)

Explicit details on the rapper’s arrest were released yesterday.

Foxy’s camp says she was minding her own business and “has never been more focused,” but victim Arlene Raymond claims the rapper called her a “dirty b*tch” and then pulled up her skirt and mooned her while yelling “kiss my a**”! What does Foxy’s lawyer have to say about that? “Foxy [pictured] would never lift her dress, not in a million years.” It’s true, only classy ladies get charged with Class E felonies. (Gothamist)

Brown slammed the gossip and said her family has remained by her side.

“I continue to give it to GOD, I’m home baby!!!! Bum b*tches aint’ stop nothin’! Sunday, LIVE on stage and I’m stuntin’!,” she wrote Thursday (July 22) night.

“Brooklyn courthouse was a zoo!!! Bout’ a 100 paparazzi tryna flick up Foxy! I luv u mommy, my lil’ brother Mouse, my man, my girl Moni…”

“My whole family behind me! Luv yall too, thanks for the bulletproof support d*mn, yall ride harder than I thought!” (Foxy Brown’s Twitter)

Following Wednesday’s arrest, Foxy’s manager addressed media reports.

Bernadette Brennan tells TMZ it all started when Foxy was rehearsing outside for her upcoming show at the B.B. King Blues Club in NY — which ticked off the neighbor. Brennan claims the neighbor then came outside and started screaming at Foxy — but the rapper just ignored her. We’re told Foxy went inside to avoid further confrontation — and that’s when the cops showed up. (TMZ)

Check out a past Foxy Brown interview below:

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