Foxy Brown’s Brother Flees From NY Cops, Arrested On Fake Credit Card Accusations

Foxy Brown’s Brother Flees From NY Cops, Arrested On Fake Credit Card Accusations

New York rapper Foxy Brown‘s brother, Gavin “Pretty Boy” Marchand, was reportedly arrested last weekend on accusations of credit card forgery.

According to reports, the bust took place in Manhattan.

Gavin Marchand was arrested last Saturday (August 7th) for allegedly possessing a forged American Express card to purchase almost $8,000 worth of clothes from the Hermes store on Madison Avenue. Police were inside the store conducting surveillance when Gavin, 35, and three associates arrived at the high-end boutique. A 31-year-old man named Warren David allegedly attempted to use the card. When the men attempted to leave the store, police approached them, but the driver, Derwin Benoit, led police on a 90-mph chase, before he finally pulled over and surrendered. (All Hip Hop)

The news comes one day after Brown testified in a New York court for allegedly assaulting her neighbor last month.

She may call herself “Don Diva,” but the singer intends to ditch her in-your-face attitude and tell jurors that she’s really just a mama’s girl who’s been trying to exorcise the nasty demons of her bad-girl past and now lives in her Prospect Heights brownstone with her mother, a source said. The sassy singer, whose real name is Inga Marchand, will flatly deny that a stare-down with neighbor Arlene Raymond escalated into a profane tirade and ended with her provocatively mooning the woman, the sources said. She faces felony charges from the July 21 incident. The latest legal case against the platinum-selling singer has already taken its toll on her creative energies, a source close to Foxy said. “Foxy can’t even sleep at night. This is truly a nightmare,” said the source. (New York Post)

Following her testimony, Brown spoke with media about being honest.

“I’m happy to have a chance to tell the truth about what happened,” Brown told reporters while leaving the courthouse. “Today my focus is on telling the truth. It feels so good to tell the truth. This thing has been such a nightmare.” Currently there is no decision on whether Brown will face felony charges for violating a restraining order the woman, Arlene Raymond, had against her. (Singersroom)

Aside from her brother and assault, Brown also reportedly got into a fight with her manager a few weeks ago.

New York’s Daily News reported that the incident occurred after Brown was six hours late for an interview in which she was to discuss last week’s arrest. The rapper reportedly became combative after building staffers asked her to be quiet, and then became combative with her manager and others. She reportedly fled the scene before police arrived. The paper’s report was unconfirmed at press time. (MTV)

Check out a past Foxy Brown interview down below:

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