Foxy Brown’s Brother Fesses Up On Credit Card Theft, Faces Nearly 3 Years In Jail

Foxy Brown’s Brother Fesses Up On Credit Card Theft, Faces Nearly 3 Years In Jail

Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown‘s brother, Gavin Marchand, is reportedly expected to serve nearly three years behind bars after confessing his illegal use of credit cards.

Details on Marchand’s guilty plea emerged online Thursday (August 18).

Rapper Foxy Brown’s bad-boy big brother will spend at least two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty today to a credit card scheme in which he swiped $8,000 from the Hermes on Madison Ave. last year. Gavin Marchand, 36, pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree identity theft. He’d been busted in Aug. 2010 when he tried to use an obviously bogus MasterCard to buy clothes at the fancy French boutique. An undercover street crime unit cop was doing surveillance in the store at the time — and lit out after Marchand and three of his buddies when they fled the store. (New York Post)

Last September, Foxy’s brother was arrested in New York City.

The brother of rapper Foxy Brown was arrested on grand larceny charges after a court appearance Thursday where he pleaded not guilty to identity theft charges. he new charge was grand larceny, the New York Post reported. Additional details about the charge were not divulged by prosecutors. Marchand’s two friends –Derwin Benoit, 34, and Warren David, 31 — were also arrested. (DNA Info)

An attorney for Marchand later confirmed the re-arrest.

“They’re re-arresting him for grand larceny,” Herman Wun, Marchand’s surprised lawyer, said outside a Manhattan Supreme courtroom as his client was taken into custody by burly, plain-clothed detectives. (New York Daily News)

Foxy’s brother was initially arrested a month prior on credit card forgery charges.

Gavin Marchand was arrested last Saturday (August 7th) for allegedly possessing a forged American Express card to purchase almost $8,000 worth of clothes from the Hermes store on Madison Avenue. Police were inside the store conducting surveillance when Gavin, 35, and three associates arrived at the high-end boutique. A 31-year-old man named Warren David allegedly attempted to use the card. When the men attempted to leave the store, police approached them, but the driver, Derwin Benoit, led police on a 90-mph chase, before he finally pulled over and surrendered. (All Hip Hop)

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