Foxy Brown Still Down For Firm Reunion, “There’s No Other Artist That Can Substitute For Nas”

Foxy Brown Still Down For Firm Reunion, “There’s No Other Artist That Can Substitute For Nas”

New York rapper Foxy Brown has shared her thoughts on a possible Firm reunion with estranged members AZ, Nas and Cormega.

For Foxy, she claims a reunion could take place if Nas is up for one.

“We all sat down and conversed,” Foxy revealed in an interview. “We all know if it’s not the main four, the only four, it can’t be. Nas, myself, AZ and Cormega, that is the Firm. There is no other artist that can substitute for Nas, AZ, Cormega and myself. If all four of us can’t do it, it can’t be done…AZ and myself are inseparable throughout the years. He can walk in my house and go inside the refrigerator, get whatever he wants. Cormega is like my brother. You know Nas, Nas has gone his way. He got married and has gone through his own stuff. I went to prison, lost my hearing. We all just had our lives take different turns. We realized that everywhere we go, people are like, ‘The Firm, the Firm.’ A was like, ‘We gotta do this.’ That’s when the rumors started.” (MTV)

Last May, AZ talked about possibly linking up with for a Firm reunion.

“The Firm album which came out in ’97 featuring Nas, Foxy, myself, Nature and Cormega, we actually working on a couple of records so far,” AZ revealed in an interview. “Nothing is confirmed, without Nas though, but with Foxy and Cormega, so anything is possible. Keep your eyes open, you dig?” (Montreality)

In December, there were reports of a reunion concert scheduled to take place in New York.

Former Firm members Foxy Brown and AZ will reunite in New York City for a rare performance together. Brown and AZ will hit the stage to perform during the DVD release of the movie Envy at New York City night club S.O.B.’s on Thursday December 10th. Foxy Brown and AZ will be joined by DJ Absolut, who will work the turntable during the evening, which will also includes surprise performances. Tickets for the show are on sale now and are priced at $20 for a limited time. (All Hip Hop)

However, later reports suggested a dispute took place between AZ and the event promoter.

Fans waited on line yesterday for hours to catch the show to no avail. Yet the concert was canceled after there was a dispute between the rap vet and the promoter of the show. spoke to Larry Gold, a publicist at the venue, who assures ticket holders that they will be reimbursed. “95-99 percent of our shows we are dealing directly dealing with either the agent or manager,” Gold explained. “And this is one of those shows that went through a middle party. So other than we are reaching out to the promoter today to find out really what happened. Sadly to say we are really in the dark.” (XXL Mag)

Listen to Nas & AZ’s “Phone Tap” Firm record below:

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