Foxy Brown Should Cash In Playboy’s $2 Mil Offer, Says Miss Tila

Foxy Brown Should Cash In Playboy’s $2 Mil Offer, Says Miss Tila

After Foxy Brown was reportedly offered $2 million to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine, SOHH hit up former pin-up model Miss Tila to get her take on the racy opportunity.

Having appeared in the adult magazine before, Tila said Foxy should at least consider the opportunity.

“More power to her, whatever she wants to do,” Tila told SOHH. “I started off in my career doing Playboy first and then I moved my way up and started doing other things. That’s how I started out. I think Foxy has been out of the public eye for a minute with all of her problems. So I think making a comeback or just doing something would be good for her career. She’s been gone for a second. You know, Nicki [Minaj’s] on the scene, there’s the whole Lil Kim beef and Lil Kim is coming back because of that beef.” (SOHH)

Tila also believes a little “T&A” action could beef up Foxy’s buzz again.

“Foxy Brown needs to come back with something,” Tila added. “She needs to do something so I think if she does [Playboy], that could revive something and get people talking about her again. It’ll get people talking about her again.” (SOHH)

Last month, Foxy said she was still debating the $2 million offer.

“I live a different life,” she says. “I’m not at every party; I’m not seen everywhere. That’s why people still care about my brand. I’ve never whored myself out.” She says she’s still debating whether to accept Hugh Hefner‘s $2 million offer to pose on the cover of Playboy. (New York Post)

Earlier this year, R&B singer Toni Braxton opened up about getting an offer to appear in Playboy.

“They asked me and I was really flattered, they’ve asked me a few times in the past but one of the reasons I was more excited was because after I was sick and I didn’t feel sexy and I thought I had lost my mojo,” Braxton told television host Wendy Williams. “And when they asked me, I’m like, ‘Do they still think I’m sexy? My boobies hang down to here a little bit.’ So I was really flattered…I haven’t decided. I have until June. One of the reasons I’m hesitant is because of my boys. I don’t want their friends to come up to them at school and say, ‘I saw your mommy’s boobies.’ You know? It wouldn’t be a full spread.” (“Wendy Williams Show”)

Check out some recent Foxy Brown footage below:

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