Foxy Brown Says Drunk Rumors Are Na Na True

Foxy Brown Says Drunk Rumors Are Na Na True

Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown has further clarified rumors of her public alleged public intoxication in a bathroom during a fashion party last week.

Discussing her recent headline as the drunk celebrity at fashion designer Indashio‘s New York City party last week, Foxy defended her image.

“I don’t know how any rumors got started. Indashio is a personal friend of mine — I’m his biggest supporter, he’s my biggest supporter…It was all about me coming to support one of my closest friends in fashion. And when I got there, he dragged me in, and we were falling all over, happy. Happy, not intoxicated, at all. I’m not even a drinker. And we never locked ourselves in the bathroom; people were coming in and out. They’re saying I was physically escorted out of the building by security, that I had this huge fight, I was intoxicated, falling all over. And there’s not one picture, one photo from any of the club-goers, nothing. Not only that — it took six days for this quote-unquote “breaking story” to surface? Does that make sense?” (Billboard)

She also revealed the motivation behind addressing the rumor.

“I was watching something about Hillary Clinton one day — she had an interview, I think, on ‘Dateline’ — and they said, ‘Hillary, why is it that you respond to everything they’ve said about you in the press?’ And she said, ‘Simply because as a celebrity or a public figure, when something is written about you negatively, and you don’t respond, it becomes part of your legacy.’…Usually a lot of sh*t that’s written, it’s like, ‘Whatever, we’re not even addressing it.’ But this was important because of what we’re doing in the future. Indy is designing the Foxy collection of dresses, and we’re about to do so much for fashion.” (Billboard)

Earlier this week, Foxy denied intoxication and bathroom rumors.

“The story is a complete fabrication,” Foxy promised. “”When I got to the club I was not intoxicated at all. That’s a lie. There was no intoxication, there was no drama, and I was never physically escorted out by security…And people were coming in and out of the bathroom.” (Radar Online)

Over the weekend, reports hit the Internet describing what allegedly went down.

Foxy Brown was escorted out of a fashion show party in NYC Wednesday night … TMZ has learned — after the female rapper allegedly showed up intoxicated … long after she was scheduled to perform. Sources at Red Bull Space in Soho — which hosted the after party for Indashio’s fashion show — tell TMZ, Foxy showed up at 1:20AM … ten minutes before the entire party was supposed to shut down. We’re told everyone was already on their way out when Foxy came in — and decided to lock herself in abathroom … and refuse to come out. According to sources, security was called … and Foxy was physically removed from the building. Foxy’s rep had no comment. (TMZ)

Check out some recent Foxy Brown footage below:

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