Foxy Brown Reflects On Prison Two Years After Release, “Your Letters Kept My Spirit Alive”

Foxy Brown Reflects On Prison Two Years After Release, “Your Letters Kept My Spirit Alive”

New York rapper Foxy Brown celebrated the two-year anniversary of her prison release by acknowledging the fans that wrote her letters.

Foxy served eight months at Rikers Island on an assault conviction.

“Just 2 yrs ago I was sitting in a jail cell thanking GOD for my freedom. Today, I’m home!!! And I thank yall for the bulletproof luv….,” she wrote Monday (April 19). “APRIL 18TH is officially FOX BOOGIE DAY! Spent this beautiful day wit my family; Mommy Judy, Gavin, Anton and my baby nephew Cirrel. I adore my family, luv the Marchands! My fans and I go hard for each other!!! Your letters in prison kept my spirit alive, so I suprised yall and wrote back! Luv! (Foxy Brown’s Twitter)

Last year, reports spread online that the rapper was pampered while in jail.

She spent her time prancing around in Gucci sneakers and a Fendi scarf, and when those got soiled, her jailhouse entourage brought her clean ones. Princess Foxy even got some free press for her new album and guards organized a photo shoot and interview with a magazine that featured Brown in time for the album’s release. Some people within the Department of Corrections are furious that guards jumped at the opportunity to be lackeys to Brown behind bars. And they say it’s not the first time a star gets an easy time behind bars, courtesy of corrections officers. (NBC Chicago)

 Foxy later denied these media claims in a blog post.

“All I could do was laugh after reading those erroneous *ss allegations!,” she wrote. “Once again, Hip-Hop is on blast for some bullsh*t. Denouncing our brand and depicting our culture as having an irreproachable ‘sense of entitlement.’…Now a year and a half after I left Rikers Island, it’s breaking news whether I got “special treatment” during my incarceration? Boy oh boy, sounds like some disgruntled, hating *ss corrections employee concocted this fabricated story! I NEVER GOT ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT. NO “valet” service, meals from Mr. Chows or C.O gatherings in my cell. Actually, on many occasions I was denied basic privileges and rules were over enforced. The audacity of a newspaper to even print this sh*t!… I just celebrated my 1 YEAR anniversary home from jail and publicly thanked the c.o’s and staff who treated me with respect.” (Global Grind)

The rapper served just over eight months of a one-year sentence prior to being released on April 18, 2008.

“This is a big day for me,” Brown told SOHH. “To have everybody here that I love, my wholefamily, the whole Brooklyn, the officers that took care of me at Rikers. Eight months to the day, I remember going in August and I said when I come out, I’m coming out even better. And I’m back baby, it’s a wrap.” (SOHH)

Check out some past Foxy Brown footage down below:

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